Friends by Mary Sheridan

book2My name is Mary.
I am in fourth class. I go to a primary school in Galway.
I am ten years old and I am the only girl in my class.
I live in Co. Galway.
My story is about a girl called Holly and her friend Eva.
I really enjoyed writing the book.


By Mary Sheridan, 4th Class

It all started off in Chapelizod where Holly and her mum and dad were living

Holly was a 10 year old only child and went to school at Oaktree N.S. Nobody knew why it was called that because there were only sycamores around it but anyway, let’s get on with the story.

Holly had to say goodbye to her two best friends Sophie and Beth because she was moving. You may be wondering why she had to move. Well, her dad worked in the bank and his job was being moved to Galway. Her mum and dad grew up in Galway so they were delighted to move but unfortunately Holly had mixed emotions about it all.

To Holly the good things were: she was going to get her own bedroom with a bathroom and with a walk in wardrobe and there was a cinema right around the corner. She was also going to get a new teacher. On the other hand she never ever wanted to leave her friends and to her it was better having a zoo around the corner than a cinema. So now all that she could do was try to look on the bright side and hope for the best.

The next week had passed and Holly had to say goodbye to her two best friends Sophie and Beth. Sophie and Beth cried when they said their goodbyes so did Holly. Just before they were due to leave Holly’s dad asked would she like to go anywhere but all Holly said, “No”. All she did for the rest of the hour was stare and look out of the window at the other houses. Her mum came up and said that they had to go so Holly took one last look at her room and went into the car and that is when the journey began!

The car was silent for most of the way except when her mum or dad tried to cheer Holly up. But basically everyone was quiet because their minds were on their new future. They got to Galway in two hours. They all knew that they were in Galway when they saw the sea. Even Holly felt a bit excited when she saw all the people on the prom.

There were all kinds of people tall, small, fast and slow – all kinds of people including one crazy guy that was dressed as a clown. So then they came to the estate that they were going to be living in. They pulled up at the house. The house was a two–storey house and it was painted beige with a red shining door and with a gold knocker.

They all got out of the car and looked at the house. Nobody said a word apart for when Holly said she saw the truck coming with their furniture in it. They started to unpack when they found their rooms. Holly’s room was already painted blue that was kind of handy because she wouldn’t have to paint it the following week.

Holly went to school the following day. She didn’t have to do any work she just had to try and make friends and find her way around the school. Unfortunately Holly couldn’t make any friends with anybody but she did try to find her way to school.

The next week had passed and on Monday morning Holly got called to the principal’s office. Holly was so nervous. When she got to the office there was a girl sitting beside the window. Mrs. Likely told Holly to show the girl around the school.  Holly presumed she was new because she hadn’t seen her around the school before. Holly and the girl walked out of the room. Holly asked the girl her name as they walked. ‘Eva’, she replied. ‘What’s yours’?   Holly introduced herself.  They came to the room that was going to be Eva’s classroom. Holly asked ‘Are you going to be in Fourth Class?” Eva said ‘Yes.’ So Holly and Eva went into the classroom. The teacher asked Eva who she would like to sit beside. Holly hoped she would say her name and she did.

The first few days had flown past and on Thursday Holly’s mum had invited Eva over the next day. To Holly’s delight, Eva was allowed to come. So on Friday, Holly and Eva went to the cinema and when they came home, Eva’s mum and Holly’s mum were waiting in the kitchen, with Eva’s night bag.  Holly’s mum had asked Eva’s mum if Eva could have a sleepover.

The two girls went to bed early enough but stayed talking and giggling until the early hours of the morning. They woke up at 11.30 a.m.  When they came downstairs, their two mums were in hiking gear. Eva and Holly thought they were imagining things. Holly’s mum explained that they were all going on a hiking trip and told the girls to get packed.

Holly and Eva got packed and went. Three hours later they came home. Eva and her mum went home a half an hour later.

The next week had passed and Eva’s mum (Lily) was planning a surprise party for Eva’s tenth birthday.  She was turning ten on Saturday and they planned for Holly to come home from horse riding with Eva. When Eva and Holly would walk into the kitchen they would all shout ‘Surprise!’ and eat cake and play games and do what you do at a party.

On Saturday Holly woke up with a huge smile on her face. An hour later Holly and her mum went to collect Eva to bring them to horse riding. When they got there, the lesson was cancelled because the teacher was on holidays. They had to go home and told Eva that they would drop her at her own house first. When they got there, they walked into the kitchen and all the people shouted, ‘Surprise!’ as planned. Eva was shocked (but in a good way!) At the end, when everyone was gone except Holly, Eva opened all her presents and she kept Holly’s until last. Holly had bought her a necklace shaped in a half a heart that was cracked. Holly then showed her a necklace that she wore herself which was also a half of a heart cracked. Holly showed Eva that when they put the two hearts together, they made one full heart.  Eva loved the present.

The next day Eva and Holly went swimming. After they went home and had hot chocolate and cookies straight from the oven.  A few minutes after they finished their snack they went to walk Eva’s dog, Florrie around the estate.  After they came home, Eva and Holly’s mums were heading to the prom for a walk so the girls decided to tag along with their roller blades.  When they came back Eva and her mum went home to cook dinner.

It was Monday morning and Holly met up with Eva to go to school together.  On their way to school, they met Zoey, another girl from their class.  She was really nice – that’s what Eva thought. Holly, however, thought she was a stuck up little brat who never stopped talking.  After Holly was thinking about all this about Zoey, Eva had asked if Zoey would like to walk to school with them.

When school was finished, Holly and Eva were meant to walk home from school together but Eva’s mum was in the school car park so Eva went home with her instead so Holly walked home by herself.  The next day Holly asked Eva why she went home with her mum the day before.  Eva took a big breath and told Holly that her mum had come to tell her that they were leaving Galway again on Friday night.  Holly was really surprised and kind of sad.

After school Holly told her mum the news. Her mum suggested that she have a party for Eva leaving. Holly thought that this was a great idea. Holly asked her mum if she could have the party at her house. Holly’s mum agreed. The next day she told everybody to come at five o’clock on Friday evening for a surprise party for Eva. Holly then asked her mum to make a cake. ‘I would love to,’ replied Holly’s mum.

On Friday Eva came around at ten to five.  Everybody hid and jumped out and said ‘Surprise!’  Eva got such a fright for the second time in a short time. Everyone thought the cake was like heaven. When everybody was gone home Eva came over to Holly and said, ‘Thank you so much.’  They said their goodbyes and Holly didn’t feel bad as this was her second time saying goodbye to a friend. They made an agreement to keep in touch.

After a month or so, Holly began to really miss Eva. Holly asked her mom if Eva could stay with her for some of the summer holidays.  Her mum said, ‘That’s a great idea!’. Every day Holly counted how many more days there were left until Eva was coming.

There were three more days left until she was coming. Holly was so excited and Eva was too. Holly kept thinking about what they were going to do. Later on, Holly’s mum asked her to come downstairs for dinner. They had pizza.

It was the day that Holly had been waiting for. Eva was going to be coming in two hours. Holly made sure that everything was perfect. She cleaned the kitchen. The sitting room and her bedroom were absolutely spotless. The doorbell rang and Holly saw Eva and her mum parked outside. She ran to the door and opened it and hugged Eva.

They had dinner and watched a movie. Then they went to bed and talked about new friends and stuff like that. Holly told Eva that she was getting to know Zoey a lot better and she was actually great fun.  When they got up in the morning Holly’s mum had made pancakes – Holly’s favourite breakfast ever!  Holly’s mum said, ‘Would you like to come bowling’ and they both said ‘Yes!’.

It was the last five minutes before Eva had to go home and they both cried when Eva was going.  She ran up to her bedroom. She was sad for a while after but she was used to it. She just had to wait to the next holidays to see Eva again.  In the meantime, there were lots more friends to meet and get to know better!

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