Roger’s Escape by Lynette McGowan


Lynette McGowan is a sixth year pupil at a Galway primary school.  She won the National Fairytale Writing Competition hosted by Respond, Ireland’s leading housing charity and recently had the privilege of reading extracts from her winning entry, entitled ‘The Red Book’, to President Michael D. Higgins at Áras an Uachtaráin. The Red Book showcases not only her superb and imaginative literary skills but also her flair for drawing and painting as the novel is populated with many of her hand drawn illustrations. Lynette is a regular contributory artist to the annual Ballinfoile Mór Community Harvest Day where her sketching portraits of visitors is always a popular attraction. 

Roger’s Escape

By Lynette McGowan

Chapter 1:  Roger’s Escape

The sun shone upon the drenched street, giving it a silvery shine.  It was early morning and the dew still coated the untidy grass, which grew wildly.  Roger had once again escaped and was heading up the road.  I zipped up my jacket and pulled up the hood.  I chased after him, my stamping feet splashed every puddle.  My face was red and hot, and to make matters worse, it began to rain once again.  I slipped on a gully and reached out, I managed to catch Roger.  My knee started to sting and burn.  I cradled Roger in my arms when I got up.  I ambled into the house with him .  He was soaked and I didn’t want him to sleep outside.  I got a pillow and sheet and placed them by the radiator.  He slowly walked over, and prodded the pillow with his nose, then climbed up on it.  He lay down and curled up in a ball.  I covered him with the sheet.  I stroked his face and turned on the heating.  I went into the hall and took off my shoes, and flopped onto the couch, letting out a sigh.  My eyes shut and I fell fast asleep.  In my dream, I seen Roger and he was talking to me saying “we did it!” “Lynette! Lynette!” I was woken up by Roseann, I sat up making space for her to sit down.  In her hand, she had the TV remote.  I turned on the TV set and entered a code on the remote, 310 and the kids channel turned on.

I opened the blinds, it was dark out.  “Where’s my Mum?” I asked.  “She’s upstairs” replied Roseann.  “Oww! What happened to your knee?” “I fell chasing Roger” I replied.  “Maybe we should get some cream for it” suggested Roseanne.  We headed into the kitchen.  I opened the cabinet by the fridge and pulled out a grey tub, I unscrewed the lid, applied some cream onto the affected area and put it back.  “Why is there a toy car on the floor?” I asked.  “Oh, ya Dylan’s here” she replied.  “Where is he?!” I shrieked.  “That, I don’t know” Roseann said slowly.  “He could be anywhere in the house!” I shouted.  We both ran in the direction of the stairs, but I paused, my knee was hurting.  “I’ll get him” suggested Roseann.  I sat down at the table.  I stared at Roger, who had been asleep the whole time.  I could hear Roseann’s thundering footsteps, as she stamped up the stairs.  “Dylan!” she screeched, “where are you?!” Eventually she found him, he was sitting in the sitting room on the armchair.  The reason we didn’t see him, was because he had a blanket over him and was fast asleep.  “Your little brother really can hide” I laughed.  “Ya, if I got a euro every time he gets a good hiding place, I’d get the Ice-cream man everyday!” she replied.  “Lynette, get ready for bed” called a voice from upstairs.  “Ya, Mum” I said back.  My Dad came into the room, zipping up his rain jacket.  “C’mon Roseann, I’ll walk you up home” he said.  Roseann went to put on her shoes “See you tomorrow” she said before she stepped out the door.  She waved at me and when I could no longer see her, I got ready for bed.  I stuck in a movie, closed the blinds and got snug in my bed and watched the movie.

Click here to read her full book…….

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