Diane Limplipson – Tia’s Wish

Tia’s Wish

By Diane Limplipson

In a very busy city lived a girl named Tia.Tia was a very good girl and always good at home.She was fascinated with Katy Perry . Her bedroom was filled with Katy Perry posters and CD’s filled her shelves. Her favourite song was “Hot and Cold”.

Tia would play the song over and over again. Sometimes Tia even wished she was Katy Perry.

One night when Tia was asleep in her bed something  extraordinary happened to her. There was a bang and flash of lighting then 12345 abracadabra! Tia was in Katy Perry’s house.

The house was gigantic. The TV was like the ones in the cinema and the sitting -room was as big as a hotel. The kitchen was the size of a tall building. The bathroom was the size of a mansion. “WOW,” said Tia.  I never saw a house like this before,” Tia said. It’s bigger than New York. Tia looked in the mirror.She saw herself as Katy Perry. Tia gasped. “Am I really Katy Perry,”she thought.

Then a woman knocked on the door. “Hello,I’m Sarah, your assistant. It’s time for your dance lesson.” Tia got dressed and went with Sarah. 2 hours later Tia was hungry. Sarah took her to a fancy restaurant. Afterwards they went to a dance club. As soon as Tia heard the music she started to dance.

Next morning Tia and Sarah went to a singing lesson and then to a sound check for the opening concert of her new tour. Tia sounded like the real Katy Perry. At 8pm Tia walked out onto the stage with 80,000 people clapping, screeching and cheering.

“Ring ring ring ring ring!” the alarm clock rang. Tia realized it had all been a wonderful dream!!!

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