Kara Dyar – Beware of the Banshee

Beware of the Banshee

By Kara Dyar

Molly was a young girl who lived in Washington in the United States of America. Her parents were going on vacation. Molly had to stay with her grandmother in Ireland. There was one problem, she had never met her Irish granny before.

Molly had heard lots of stories about her maternal grandmother. Although she had never met her, she felt that she knew her already. She sent pictures and wrote letters, she also sent birthday and Christmas cards with money!

On the first day of her school holidays Molly left for Ireland. She boarded the plane. The flight took about five hours and she didn’t sleep at all. She got off the plane and waited for her grandmother to arrive. She took out a picture of her grandmother. She searched everywhere for her grandmother but she was nowhere to be seen.

So she waited some more. Then she saw her, a wrinkled old woman with white hair and green eyes wearing a night dress. It was her granny. She looked like she was a nice woman.

Molly’s granny threw her arms around her and gave her a big hug.  Then they made their way to the bus. Molly’s granny lived in a cottage about half an hour from the airport. While her granny prepared breakfast, Molly went for a walk. She walked through the fields. She got very tired so she sat down.

Then she heard a strange sound. She looked around .She could not see anyone but she could see a little green hat. It moved .She jumped up and ran after it. Then it turned around and looked at her. It had a red and green coat and a black hat. She was sure it was a ……….leprechaun!

She could not believe her eyes. She had heard about leprechauns in Irish stories but she never believed they were real. It started to run. Molly ran after it but the leprechaun disappeared.

Molly returned to her Granny’s house still breathless after the chase. Her grandmother asked her what was the matter. Molly explained that she had seen a leprechaun. “Don’t be daft”, said her Grandmother, “eat your breakfast”. Then later you can show me this leprechaun of yours.”

Later in the afternoon Granny and Molly travelled through the fields looking for the leprechaun. Molly took her to the exact spot where she had seen it, but they could see no leprechauns.

Granny went home. Molly went on and wandered into a forest. Then something called Molly. She spun round. A small leprechaun was sitting in a tree. He said “follow the trail.” Then he jumped down and ran away. Molly started to run after him but he was too fast.

Molly could see the trail. She followed it. She saw a ring of mushrooms with a comb in the middle of it. Molly took it home for her grandmother.

Molly showed the comb to her grandmother. “Where did you get that comb?” she cried.  Molly explained that she had followed the trail of the leprechaun to a ring of mushrooms and she found it there.

“This is the Banshee’s comb”, exclaimed Granny. “It’s bad luck to find the Banshee’s comb!” “ Why?” asked Molly. “Well, explained Granny, if the Banshee finds out that you have it she will scream and when she screams  it is a sign of death”. Molly was confused but she knew this didn’t sound too good.

Molly ran back through the fields to the ring of mushrooms and she put the comb back in the very spot where she had found it. As she did Molly heard a scream. She ran back to her grandmother’s house and found her dead on the ground!!!

Molly called 911! But then she heard the Banshee wail again. Molly was  so  shocked she fainted.



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