Rhaira Nunes de Oliveira – The Lost Dragon

The Lost Dragon

By Rhaira Nunes de Oliveira

My book is dedicated to my mum and all my friends.

Once there was a girl called Emma. Emma loved dancing and singing. One sunny day her family went to the beach. Emma found a green stone with blue dots. Emma went home and put the stones in her collection.

Emma had lots of stones. She had purple ones, yellow ones and black stones .But this new one was her favourite .She had been collecting special stones  for ages since she was a little girl. All were displayed on a shelf in her room. Emma was very proud of her collection.

One night Emma couldn’t sleep. She thought she saw a glowing light. It seemed to be coming from her stone collection.  She went to investigate. She realised that her new stone was starting to grow. She couldn’t believe her eyes.  She watched as the stone grew and grew until it was the size of an ostrich egg.

Emma was amazed when she saw that the egg was cracking. She wondered what would come out. Then someone or something appeared. It was green and had sharp teeth. It had big wings and a pointy tail. It had slime all over it. “ It might be a lizard”, said Emma. “but wait lizards don’t have wings” Emma  with a gasp of horror said to herself “It’s a dragon!”

Emma was shocked. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hide the dragon. She  had to hide him somewhere different. “Maybe in the mountains,” thought Emma.She took the dragon to the mountains and left him there.

The next morning Emma woke up and went up to the mountains. She couldn’t find the dragon anywhere. She looked and looked until she gave up. At the top of the mountain  she said “Peace, is the name of the dragon, Peace, the lost dragon” Emma never saw the dragon again . He was lost. Have YOU seen the lost dragon?

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