Shruti Pol – Egyptian Puzzles

Egyptian Puzzles

By Shruti Pol

It was the day before my summer holidays. I was so excited.   I couldn’t concentrate in school all day. My family and I had being planning this trip of a lifetime for as long as I could remember.

When I came home the first thing I did was pack my bag. It took us one hour to get to the airport.  We checked in and waited until it was time to board the flight. 12 hours later we arrived at Cairo airport.

As we left the airport and took our first steps on Egyptian soil, we felt a warm balmy breeze. We took a taxi to our hotel, the Mocto hotel. After freshening up we took a tour to see the Great Pyramids.

On the bus journey I remembered about the Crypto Evil Ghost of Egypt mystery I read about in school. It captured people and the only way that you could get them back was to complete these puzzles which were set out for them. Most of them died while trying.

Suddenly I looked back and gasped. Where were my mum and dad? Then I saw a room. I went inside. I saw some writing on the wall. But it was in hieroglyphics. I quickly translated it. It read “if you want your parents back you have to complete the puzzles you are given. If you fail your parents will die!” I began to panic and my pulse began to race.

I needed help. I returned to the hotel and asked the receptionist to organise a guide for me. I told Tony the guide everything. He was astonished. He grabbed his things and we set off like lightning.

When we returned, I showed him the hieroglyphics. He read carefully. I asked him how to start the puzzles. He checked in his book. He said we had to go to the right place. He also said that we might get some more signs along the way.

That evening I didn’t eat, talk or even sit. I was too frustrated by the fact that my parents were captured by an evil ghost.

I couldn’t sleep at all that night. I was very upset and worried. The next morning, we quickly ate our breakfast and set off on the journey to find my parents.

We returned to the Great Pyramids. I saw an opening on one of the Pyramids. “Maybe this is the start Tony,” I said. We crawled inside and bingo!  I saw a crystal ball. The sun was shining on it.    I carefully lifted up the crystal ball and a door opened. There was a big tunnel. Inside the tunnel there was puzzles to be solved.

We stepped inside. As we went we saw a big gap in the middle of a pathway. I threw a stone down and counted 1,2,3,4. It was 4 metres deep.

We searched for a large rock. Finally we found one. We tried so hard to move it. It was really heavy. It felt like we were carrying a mountain on our shoulders. I accidently dropped it so it sounded like an elephant jumping. We placed it over the gap. We were overjoyed.

We were going to cross it, but then all of a sudden these blades swung across the bridge. We were stunned. “Maybe we should write the pattern of the blades on a piece of paper” Tony suggested. “That’s a brilliant idea”. I got my notebook out and wrote down the pattern A, left, B right, C fast right, D left. We went home and practised.

The next day we went to the tunnel. When we got there we were a bit scared. I went first. I stepped on the bridge carefully. I took one step and another and kept going on until it finished.

Tony made it look very easy, he did it so fast. We moved on to the next puzzle.

We saw pictures of shapes on the wall. It looked like we had to put something in it. The first shape was a scorpion. The next one was a crab and a spider. We saw a piece of paper on the wall and this time it was in English. It read “the first one is somewhere where there is sand and water”. “Where can the sand and water be?” I asked Tony. He gave no response.

We went home and took the page with us. We thought and thought. “The beach,” I said to Tony. “There’s sand and water at the beach”.

We quickly got into the car and drove away. As soon as we got to the beach we searched everywhere .As I was walking I tripped over something. I started to dig it up. Curiously I picked it up and it was a wooden scorpion.

I saw something stuck on at the back of it. It was a note it read “the second one is somewhere where there are books”. That was easy because everyone knows that there are books in a library.

We went to the library. We looked in lots of books and all around. After hours of searching, Tony took out a book and something fell out of it.

It was a wooden crab.  We looked in the book for a note but there was nothing in it. Then I noticed something on the shelf.        I took it out.

It was the note. It read “this one is at a place where people teach children”. We thought it was in the computer class but there are no children there. We decided that we would continue this tomorrow since it was very late.

The next day it came to us. It was a school. We went to a school and called “The Egyptian National School. We waited until it was breaktime so nobody would be in the classrooms. We sneaked inside. It was really hard because there were lots of classrooms and we didn’t know which one it was in.

After searching 30 classrooms, we found it. It was in one of the teacher’s drawers. We went home and got the other ones. We went to the puzzle in the tunnel and put all of the items in the shapes. After we did that the wall started to shake and cracked open.

We went inside. There were lots of cobwebs everywhere. We saw a huge door with a little glass window. We looked inside and saw my mum and dad tied up to a pole. We didn’t see any evil ghost but just in case we didn’t go in.

We went home and did the best we could to find out more about this evil ghost. We definitely knew that we had to fight him because he wouldn’t just give my parents back. We got knifes, shields and swords. That night I was practising my skills.

The next day we were very scared. We went at 2’o’clock to the puzzle. “I’m guessing that this is the last puzzle” I said. We opened the door slowly. There was still no sight of an evil ghost. We crept to my parents and we were about to untie them when suddenly we heard a big roar.

Our hearts started pounding really fast. We turned around not hoping to see the ghost but unfortunately he was there. He was red with white polka dots and he had a long tail.

“How dare you come into my house” he roared. We took out our swords and began to fight with him. We had lots of injuries while fighting but we tried to stay strong. We punched him stabbed him used our best skills on him but nothing happened. It was like he was made out of metal. I went to hit him but as I did he took my arm, twisted it and pushed me back. I couldn’t go on anymore.

Tony tried to help me but he could not as the evil ghost was not restraining him. I took out my bottle and started to drink. I tried to get up but as I did I fell.

The water spilt on the evil ghost and somehow it hurt him so he roared. I poured more water on him. He started to go blue. He got really blue and died. We were so happy. We untied my parents and ran as fast as lightning.

They were so proud of me. I told them that when we got home I would tell them the whole story.

I felt a sudden jerk forward. The bus came to a sudden stop. The bus….where was I??I must have fallen asleep on the bus. It was all a fairytale…



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