Adithi Gowda – Halloween Night Frights

Halloween Night Frights

I’m standing at the door
ready to go,
I step outside and watch my shadow grow.

I’m walking down the road,
my mind on sweets,
the street light glows
I can’t wait for my treats.

I bump into a vampire,
I scream with fright.
It’s just a child
when you see him in the light.

I stumble into a monster,
I’m scared out of my wits,
It takes off its mask,
while having laughing fits.

That’s it!
I’ve had enough,
If a mummy wants to scare me,
It’s going to be tough.

Then a mummy comes closer,
I notice it has a knife,
I unravel his cloths,
and then run for my life!

Adithi Gowda
6th Class, Scoil Íde.
Scoil Íde, Salthill, Galway

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