Aodhán Linnane – An Unfortunate Fishing Trip!

An Unfortunate Fishing Trip!

It was a beautiful summer’s morning and the sun was shining brightly. My Dad and I planned an extraordinary fishing trip. My Mom had our lunch packed and ready to go. My Dad has amazing fishing hooks that I always liked and he gave them to me. I was ecstatic! When we were ready, we got in the van and departed.

When we arrived at the pier, we got our fishing rods and lunch and put them in the boat. We put on our lifejackets and set out to sea. First we were going hauling lobster pots. When we raised the first pot it contained six lobsters. They were enormous and terrifying!

When we were finished we headed to a great fishing location, but suddenly…. BANG!!! The boat hit a gigantic rock. A massive hole appeared in the boat. My Dad shouted “Turn on the electric pump”. I rushed to turn on the electric pump but it was no good. Water was gushing in!
My Dad called the Coastguard immediately. He said “ Hello I have crashed my boat on a rock and the boat is sinking”. The Coastguard asked for his co-ordinates. Dad gave him his co-ordinates and the Coastguard said they would be with us in ten minutes.

My Dad shouted “Get the life rings!” I rushed to get them.
The boat had gone under sea level and we were in the cold water waiting for the Coastguard. I shouted to my Dad swim over to the rocks. When we reached the rocks a massive wave knocked me off. I injured my leg.
Thankfully the Coastguard had arrived.
Help! Help! I shouted. The Coastguard could not reach me so one of them had to jump into the water.
We were drifting quickly away from the Coastguard’s boat and the current was really strong.
The man swam as fast as he could to get us safely in the boat. When we all got in the boat they brought us back to the pier.
I was transported by ambulance to hospital and my leg, which was actually fractured, was put in a plaster. I had to use crutches to get around for a few weeks.
My Dad asked “When do you want to go fishing again?”, I laughed at him and said “Not for a while, that last outing was enough excitement for me for the moment!”.

By Aodhán Linnane
6th class
St. Theresa’s N.S.,
Cashel, Connemara, Co. Galway

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