Chantelle Prendergast – The Sweet Surprise

The Sweet Surprise

First of all, in case you don’t know sweets are the most important things in the world and that is why I’m soaking wet on a beach, watching a boat blow up, with my hair flying in the ice cold blustering wind. I think I’m going to FREEZE!!! But I better go back to the start.
I am a member of the Sweet Police. Every year gangsters try to import and export sweets to and from this country of Sweetian. They try to import and export Liquorice the deadliest sweet of Sweetkind. It can be used as weaponry to tie people, to stick people to walls, anything. Imagine getting hit by a huge square of liquorice or get trapped or tied by the all sort. It hurts me to mention it, but at this point an extremely dangerous criminal was spotted near “Sherbet Spoke” and is probably heading for “Bonbon Bay.” So right now I’m on my motorbike heading that way.
When I arrived I was greeted by my Pastener C. Ola or usually just C. We have fought crime together for only two and a half years now but he and I are well trusted by now. We were informed by Sergeant Gummy Bear that there were two main gangsters Jaw Breaker and my Twin sister Spice!! I gasped a sigh of horror. “Sugar and Spice two of the nicest girls around you wouldn’t think they are twins more like best friends!” people used to say, you’d never think one of us would be in the sweet police and the other one a master criminal with her gang but that’s the way it works out and here.
I am with C trying to swim silently in the bright blue sea of Slushy. We climbed the ladder creeping slowly across the deck trying not to be heard. “Watch out” C cried. Too late, a ninja with black liquorice. In a matter of seconds C and I were trapped in a cage made of black liquorice. I was injured in the attack and my leg was bleeding badly and I was drifting in and out of consciousness even though C had tied his jacket around my leg. Then out of nowhere my sister came out, “Where are the prisoners?” she said in an ice cold voice. “Sister” I whispered. “Don’t do this, please!!” C explained what happened to me and that I required medical assistance, immediately. My sister’s heart softened. “Boys go and find me Liquorice, these prisoners talk too much” she said. I was horrified.
When they were gone, Spice opened the cage and told us to escape. I pleaded with her to come with us but she said no. We made the jump off the ship and C helped me swim to safety. The sweet police moved in after they left. The ship blew up. I cried in C’s arms.. My sister is dead but Sergeant Gummy Bear told C and I that she was back at the station,safe and sound. I was so happy I kissed C.
Afterwards I visited my sister, she had to do community service for a year. A year and a half later I’m getting into a white dress made especially for me by “Sweet Dreams Dress Makers” and after this we will have a jolly sweet feast. I’m marrying C. everything turned out perfectly. What a sweet surprise!!!

by Chantelle Prendergast
Co. Galway
Age 11
St. Thomas’ National School,
Co. Galway

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