Doireann MacCabe – The Last Shot

The Last Shot

I bounced the ball quickly at her. She caught it and stood steadily, a smug look on her face. She launched the basketball into the air confidently. It slid around the rim of the basket, once, twice, and missed. I ran energetically to grab the ball. As I picked it up, so did my opponent. We pulled and pushed to get possession of the ball when she fouled viciously, whacking me sharply with her elbow. I fell clumsily to the ground, earning us a free shot. She slammed the ball down angrily. I quickly hopped up and caught it. As always, I steadied my feet and focused on the basket. I shot the ball into the air and it slipped gracefully into the net in a perfect swish.

by Doireann MacCabe
6th Class
Bushypark National School

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