Ethan O’Grady – The Three Wishes

The Three Wishes

It was a beautiful autumn evening in Lucan and Todd Parker was strolling home from school. Todd had black short cropped hair with bright blue eyes and wore sports gear when out of school. Todd lived half a mile away from the school and walked to and from there every day. But today, something quite peculiar happened. Todd was walking up the 200 metre road to his house when he noticed a golden glass bottle on the driveway. Todd picked it up and studied it carefully for quite some time. It had a cork sealing it up. Eventually, curiosity got the better of him. He yanked open the cork with all his strength. What popped out put a mixture of shock and surprise on Todd’s youthful face. IT WAS A GENIE!!!

“He-llo” stuttered Todd. “Who are you”? “I am Oman. I am a genie. Thank you releasing me. Since you generously released me, I will now grant you three wishes”.
Todd looked suspiciously at the genie. He then spoke. “Ok, I wish that in my next test, I will get top marks”. The genie instantly clicked his fingers & there was a tiny puff of smoke. “You have 2 wishes remaining”. Todd blinked in great surprise. “For my second wish” announced Todd. “I want to be better at soccer”. The genie clicked his fingers for a second time. “I don’t know what my last wish will be”. “Don’t worry” replied the genie enthusiastically. “If you can’t decide what your last wish should be, I will retreat into my lamp and you can bring the lamp with you & whenever you know what your last wish will be, just rub the lamp and I will grant the wish”. So the genie got sucked into the lamp and Todd brought it. But the next day, the very fortunate happened to him.

The following day, Todd crammed the lamp into his backpack and departed for school. He was thinking that his friends would be so jealous of his immense soccer skills. He arrived at school at school at around 9:10am. Immediately, after school commenced, he had an assessment with Mr. Barnswick, the maths teacher. When the 3omin test was concluded, Todd got his results back. “Well done Todd” remarked Mr. Barnswick. “100%, quite an unexpected surprise. The tutor handed him his paper. He held the paper with a big triumphant smile on his face. At break, all the boys played a soccer match, Todd played absolutely outstanding. He scored a hat-trick and some of his friends even asked him if he would teach them some of his skill and he agreed to do so. But Todd still couldn’t figure out what his final wish should be. Finally, after days of thinking, he ultimately decided what he wanted.

So one night, he rubbed the lamp. There was a flurry of smoke and out snapped the genie, legs crossed over and meditating peacefully. “What can I do for you” he whispered. “I would like to use my final wish, please” replied Todd. “Okay. What is your wish”. Todd closed his eyes and composed himself. “I wish for a dog, a golden spaniel” he whispered. The genie clicked his fingers. Suddenly, a spaniel appeared asleep on the floor. “Goodbye” announced the genie. “My work here is done”. The genie got sucked back into the lamp. A bright yellow portal appeared and the lamp floated into the air and zoomed through the portal & and it instantly disappeared. All of a sudden, the dog pounced up on the bed and started to lick Todd’s face. “I’ll call you Flicker” purred Todd. He petted and rubbed the golden fur of the spaniel for a little while and then they both cuddled up in the soft bed and fell fast asleep in seconds.

by Ethan O’Grady 6th class
Esker N.S.

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