Jadzia Murphy – Jamie meets ACE

Jamie meets ACE

chapter one

Jamie Farrel ran her fingers through her mud brown hair. School wouldn’t be the same without Kelly. Jamie and Kelly Baker had spent all of their summer emailing each other on their new email addresses and going to each other’s houses. They talked and played together all summer and they chatted at school all day but now it was different. Kelly’s parents got a new job and had to move away to London. They emailed for the last few weeks of the holidays before school began once more. They would have to take on fifth class apart.

Camie stared out the window, they had arrived at school. She began walking out of the car and up to the school gates. Children played happily around the yard. Girls gossiped, boys played soccer and the infants clung to their parents.

She spotted Kasey Costello, her other friend from fourth class.

“Maybe I do have someone to talk to” She thought walking over to her. Before she could even mutter a word a tall, blonde girl stood in front of her.

“Hi, Kasey it’s me, Gale, Gale Harte from Football” She said blocking out Jamie. “Gale! What are you doing here?” Kasey replied shocked.

Jamie left them; she knew that she wasn’t going to get to talk to her.

The school bell rang and the kids rushed inside all trying to get a good seat in their new class. Jamie didn’t rush, she knew her teacher Mrs. Kandle (who she had last year) would no doubt move everyone around anyway. She wandered in and sat in one of the last seats left which was on a table directly in front of the teacher’s desk.

Soon Mrs. Kandle waltzed in and sat on her large, leather chair. She quietened the class then ordered people about. The troublemakers were sitting in front of her and the talkers were spread apart. Jamie ended up sitting beside Candy Warren to her left, who she was sort of friends with last year and of course, Gale Harte to her right. This was going to be a long first term.

The first part of the day went quite fast, all they did was check everyone had everything and did a bit of maths before break.

This break was going to be hard, the first break of the year always was. The infants would dash outside and the fifth and sixth class had to calm them and direct them to their play area. The sixth class last year were too lazy to help so fourth class had to join in. Jamie wandered outside. She was ready to control the mental infants (or try anyway).

Turns out Gale moved from a few towns away because she had to move house. Lucky for her, she knew some of the girls and boys in fifth class from Gaelic football. Unlike poor Kelly who had to move to a completely different country knowing nobody at all!

The infants charged out the boys ran crazily about the place and the girls stood looking around them, completely confused. They directed them and they went easily.

“Not as hard it looks I guess” Jamie thought after.

She wandered over to the stone wall on a grass mound blocking off a large field. Lola Umpfilla was standing there looking over the wall.

“Hello, Lola” Jamie said. “Hi” She replied not turning around.

“Did you meet Gale yet?”

“Yes, I’m beside her in class” Jamie said through her teeth, not another Gale lover.

“Lucky” She said twisting her wavy hair. A girl called her over and she walked away.

Jamie looked out over the wall.

“Looks like everyone loves Gale”, she muttered staring at the grass fluttering in the wind. She turned and looked at the yard. All the girls were talking; most of them to Gale and all the boys kicked a ball in lots of different games. She looked back at the field. Something was coming towards her. When it got closer, it became clear that it was an oddly coloured cat. It was brown all over apart from a weird shape on each side of it body which was a very light brown.

“Hello little cat” She cooed.

“Hi”, Jamie looked around her, searching for someone playing a joke. She turned back to the cat. She reached over and stroked the cat.

“Must have imagined it” She said. “No”

“That’s it I need to get someone to talk to” Jamie thought aloud wandering off. “Wait!” Jamie ignored it and kept walking.

“Alright class, we are going to learn about the largest plant in our solar system” Mrs. Kandle announced after break.

“Wow, I love astromoney” Gale whispered shocked.

“It’s pronounced as-tron-omy, not astro-money” Jamie corrected her.

“Whatever” She complained. “Who can tell me what that planet is called?” Mrs. Kandle asked.

“Jupiter” A few voices shouted.

“Please don’t shout out, put up your hand” She ordered. “Yes, correct it is Jupiter”

She began writing stuff on the board.

“Unusual for Miss I-Hate-All-Extra-Subjects” Jamie thought.

“It has four main moons” She continued. “Anyone know what they’re called?”

Really unusual especially on the first day, maybe she finally became interesting, Jamie wondered.

“Miss, they’re called Io, Europa, Ganymede and Castillo” Lola said.

“Perfect, Lola” The teacher praised glancing down at her book to make sure.

“If only Kelly was here we could talk through this boring lesson” Jamie thought resting her head on her folded arms and staring at the board which was covered in facts and the odd drawing.

When lunch arrived Jamie wandered outside and looked around her. “Why does everyone love Gale?”She thought.

“Hey, Jamie” a voice called from behind her. She turned around to meet Kasey.

“Hi” She answered.

“So you’re sitting beside Gale, she’s nice isn’t she?” Kasey said smiling.

“Nice” Jamie said, it was the least mean thing she could say.

“Glad you think so, I wouldn’t want Gale to stop our friendship, anyway got to go see ya ’round” She said, running off on the yard.

Jamie wandered up the grass mound to the stone wall beside the field. She looked around the yard. The rest of fifth class and a sixth class girl stood in the rain shelter beside the library window. While the infant classes ran mad about the grass area and the boys played a selection of sports on the three courts.

She stared at them for awhile then glared at the Gale group. “Are you alright?” Jamie turned around quickly.

“Who said that? It’s not funny to hide!” She shouted sternly. No one was there, everyone was on the other side of the yard. Jamie looked around her, then the bell rang and children began going inside. She followed still looking around her for a trickster.

A week later Jamie wandered into school beside red-head Candy, who blabbed on endlessly about how she got on the county running team or something. Jamie didn’t really care but talking to someone was better than no one. They kept talking (well Candy did) until they reached their seats beside each other.

“Quiet please” Mrs. Kandle shouted over the chatter. “Kasey, can you get the art supplies ready at break time, take Gale with you” She said after everyone sat down. “Yes, Miss” Kasey replied with a huge smile across her face. As much as she loved sport, art was one of her favourite subjects and Mrs. Kandle rarely did it. There was a small eruption of whispers.

“Alright then, take out your maths books” Mrs. Kandle said opening her large teacher manual. “Another day of school, here I come” Jamie sighed rooting in her school bag.

Jamie jogged out the school door trying to catch up with Lola who had just run out on yard.

“Hey Lola” She panted when she finally slowed down. “Oh, Hello” She said turning to face her. There was a short silence while Jamie caught her breath but Lola got bored of waiting and walked off.

“Wait! Lola!” She called after her but she kept on walking towards the rain shelter.

“Hi, Jamie” Kasey said gloomily walking past her, followed by Gale. She looked a lot less happy than earlier when she was given her job. “What’s wrong?” Jamie asked. “The art stuff is missing, all of it is gone, the cupboard is as bare as winter!” She explained.

“But, but how?” Jamie asked but the two had already left. She wandered across the mound thinking about the art cupboard mystery.

“Hi, sorry about those art things” Jamie turned sharply hoping to catch the joker but again no one to be seen but a cat. A familiar cat….

“You’re that cat from the first day of school”

She bent down to face the cat.

“Hello puss, is a naughty little child using you as a decoy?” She asked while stroking it.

“No” Jamie leapt back. “That’s it I’ve had it, who is doing this to me?!” She shouted angrily.

Jamie lay on her bedroom floor. She was doing her English homework. The past few weeks of school had been very strange and annoying. Someone was constantly playing tricks on her, her boring teacher suddenly taught subjects she strongly showed a hate to last year and this oddly coloured cat kept popping up at school. She gazed up at the ceiling thinking about school. She had made it this far into her homework without thinking about it but now thoughts ran through her head.

Suddenly she heard a scratching noise at the window. “A bird probably” she thought standing up and wandering over to her window. She froze, her eyes were wide staring at the animal on her windowsill.


“H..h..how…….?” She was completely lost for words. A cat was on her windowsill, her six metres from the ground windowsill. For some reason she let it in. “It has a collar on, I could call the owner” She thought. As soon as it came in she rushed over and shut her door. When she turned back she saw the cat washing its paw on her bed. “It’s you, the cat from school!!” She exclaimed noticing its markings. “But school is three miles away or more!”

“Sorry, I have confused you a bit haven’t I? I’m Angilis Cistphae Erne but you can call me ACE”

Jamie was completely speechless, there was nothing that could be said. “You’re a cat and you can talk!” She finally said.

“Why, are cats not supposed to talk?” It asked.

Jamie shook her head slowly. “Ohhhh, no wonder, I’m not used to being a cat you see” ACE replied. “What?” Jamie said. “Hmmm…..Well, I’m a Stalkenker, or Stalker, from the moon of Callisto surrounding Jupiter” She told her.

“You’re an alien!!” Jamie shouted shocked.

“Wait, I know that place!” “Oh, yeah that was my idea” ACE said smiling “And sorry about that art thing I wanted to investigate those supplies”.

“What’s a Stalkemter thingy-ma-jig?” Jamie asked.

“A Stalkenker, it’s easier to say Stalker. Will I show you?” She said looking into her eyes.

“Emm….OK” She hesitated.

ACE reached around her neck and unclipped her collar. It had something wrote on it but it was in some weird language. “I can use this to communicate with my ship” She said, picking at the tag.

Jamie left it and didn’t respond. There was a click and the tag opened. There were lots of buttons, wires and a small screen in the centre. “Stand back a moment” ACE told Jamie. She obeyed and took a step backward. There was a high-pitched beep and a sudden flash. The patterns on her fur grew out of her sides and became wings. She also became slightly larger in size.

“Wow!” Jamie exclaimed.

ACE fluttered her wings and took to the air. She glided around her bedroom.

Suddenly there was banging from outside her door. Jamie realised what it was. “Oh no! It’s Biscuit” She said. ACE landed on Jamie’s bed.

“Who’s Biscuit?” She asked looking at the door. “My Cavachon puppy, he’s a Cavalier King Charles and Bichon Frise mix” She explained swiftly.

“Hide ACE, quick” “Why? What for?” She questioned. “Wruff! Woof” A Bichon Frise with floppy brown ears and tail darted in. “Heel, Biscuit” She ordered. The puppy ignored and leapt up on the bed beside ACE. She remained where she was and stared at the him.

“Nice to meet you Biscuit, I’m ACE” The puppy yapped in reply. “Why hide? He says he likes cats” ACE said. “Woof”, “And dogs too” She added.

“You can understand him!?” Jamie said shocked. “Yes. See this collar-tag-” ACE handed her the tag.”

It translates everything, your language, Biscuit’s language, any language”

“Then how can I understand you?” Jamie asked twisting the collar. “It works both ways” She finished.

“Since you can talk to Biscuit, tell him he should obey more of the time” Laughed Jamie. “Wruff” Biscuit barked wandering out of room.

“He said: Alright then bye” ACE translated. “Mad as a March Hare that puppy” Jamie said smiling.

“ACE?” Jamie said later that day when she had finished her homework. “What?” She asked. “How did you affect what my teacher taught?” She wondered.

ACE leapt down on the floor beside her. “You mean the Jupiter thing?” “Yeah” She replied packing away her books.

“Well your teacher had a class plan wrote out, I kind of altered that at break time. Then I left a book with facts about Jupiter and that open on her desk” She explained.

“How did she believe it? Would she not notice the different writing on her note?” Jamie said shoving her bag to one side. “Let’s just say I’m good at replicating writing” ACE told her creeping under her bed.

“What are you doing?” Jamie asked looking under at her. “Exploring, I love to learn new things” She said. ACE crawled out and shook herself.

“Jamie can I come to school with you?” ACE asked pawing at a dust ball on her fur. “I thought you were already at school, I met you at school” Jamie said. “Yes, but I want to go into the school” She explained. “I only got at that class plan through an open window but I would have been seen if it wasn’t break time”.

“I guess I could bring you in my school bag” Jamie considered.

“Thank you so much, I can’t wait to get in on a lesson!” “It really not that amazing” Jamie warned. “And you’ll be in my bag all day”

“So? I get in on a lesson!!!” She shouted happily.

“Shhh! don’t shout so loud” Jamie hissed. “Alright, alright” She mewed. ACE began curling in her wings and with a flash they became the odd patterns again.

“Wow, that’s so cool” Jamie said sitting on her bed. ACE leapt on to the windowsill.

“I got to go for a minute, need to check something” She said looking worried. “You Ok?” Jamie asked opening the window. “Yes I’m fine, told you got to check something” She repeated.
Jamie and the Stalker


By Jadzia Murphy
6th class
Gardenfield National School
Ballytrasna, Tuam, Co. Galway

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