Paddy Fitzpatrick – Terrified


“Mom” called Danny. “Yes” came the answer back down the stairs. “Can I go to the lake with John ,Sam and Maura?”. Sure, go have fun” she replied. “Thanks”. He pulled on his shoes and grabbed his bike. He loved his bike. It was a Carrera racer bike. Black and yellow stripes ran up along the well polished frame. It’s silver spokes gleamed in the sunshine. Carrera was printed in bold letters on the side of the frame. Disk brakes fitted nicely into the side of the wheels. The specially made to fit handlebars were wrapped with an extra soft tape to stop blisters.

Gripping the handlebars tightly he hopped on and cycled off. John, Sam and Maura awaited him at the lake. He locked his bike a large tree. He lived in constant fear of his bike being stolen. They greeted each other briefly then made their way down the stony path. Danny got a quick glimpse of the lake.

Crystal blue water filled the lake. Golden sand sparkled in the sunlight. An island was visible in the centre of the lake. Dark green reeds grew in clumps around the lake. A quick flowing river led to a waterfall which filled the lake. A rocky cliff path led to a large forest, this forest grew on top of the jagged cliffs that encircled the lake.

They reached the bottom of the path and saw an old derelict bridge. They moved forward to investigate. It was made from an old mossy brick starting to decay. It was dark grey in colour. An aroma of moss wafted through the air. Someone had broken one of the hand rails. It was just about able to hold itself over the water level.

Stepping onto it vibrations ran along it and up his legs. He froze in terror. Nothing happened. He crept forward one step at a time . Inching forward he grabbed the rail for support. Suddenly…

The rail jerked off with a loud screech. Danny felt himself falling through the air. As he fell he remember he couldn’t SWIM! He splashed heavily into the water. Water gushed into his mouth. Unable to breath he thrashed to keep himself up. The image of the waterfall flashed through his head. Panic set in, he thrashed harder fighting for his life. Never knowing how far away it was. The only thing he knew was it was getting closer ever second. Each second that passed by zapped more energy out of him.

Out of nowhere he heard someone shout. He registered the words “Grab my hand”. John stood at river bank reaching out his hand. He made one last attempt. Diving forward he grabbed John’s hand. Suddenly the ground disappeared from under his feet. Slowly John pulled him out of the water. He was lying on the bank when he realised.

He had faced his fear!

by Paddy Fitzpatrick, 6th class
Esker N.S.

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