Leah Page – The Magic Potion of Algar

The Magic Potion of Algar

By Leah Page

Murray sulked in his reading chair. He was a very short man with not a hair on his head. He lived in a very cosy log cabin in the woods and had no neighbours. His log cabin was very small but he always had a space for anything. But the reason he was sad was, he had no friends. He had always had tea and cakes on the table expecting visitors.

Everyday he heard the birds singing a happy tune, the deer roaming through the forest and the little squirrels chattering away one to the other. One day he had enough. He packed a bag and set off to the village. It was a small place, I must say. Every shop beside the other, one by one. He had never seen anything more extraordinary in his life. “Hello there” exclaimed Murray to a nearby salesman. “Why hello chap!” he happily shouted back to him. “Care to buy some fish? They’re fresh off the harbour!” “No thank you!” Murray said. “I need to ask you something. Do you know anybody who can solve any problem at all? At all? At all my good man!?” “Why yes, I do!” “Please tell me! It would be very nice of you!” cried Murray. “Guntar Emilius Algar is his name!” “You can find him on the South Boulevard near the fishing tackle store. I go there myself sometimes for my needs.” “Thank you very much!” said Murray. So, Murray walked along the South Boulevard. He passed the fishing tackle shop. “I must be near” he thought.

He came to a small, black shop. On the door it said “This shop sells things you need, not for selfishness, not for greed.” Murray opened the door. “Hello!” he whispered”, “I’m looking for Guntar Emilius Algar, do you know where he is?” A small head popped up from the counter. This small man had eyes that would be big on a cow! Like Murray he had no hair. He stepped out from behind the counter. “Well, I am Mr. Algar. What do you need?” “Come on in!” “Don’t be shy!” Murray came to the counter. The shop was filled with all kinds of Bric-a- Brac, like frogs in jars, crystal balls and all kinds of tattered old books. “Well, Mr. Algar, I’m asking to be a bit taller and to have more hairs on my head.” “Why, I think I have just the thing!” he said. He opened a dusty cupboard and took out a round, purple glass bottle. “Here you go!” he said giving it to him. “Thank you very much!” exclaimed Murray in delight.

He put the bottle in his pocket and ran happily back to the forest. That evening, he stood up and opened the bottle, popped the cork and took some. His legs started to tremble, his bald head began to shake. Lots of grey hair sprouted onto his head. Then he grew and he grew and he grew until he was so tall that he could be seen in space. “Oh no!” he said to himself “I think I took too much of that potion!” He looked at the label on the bottle. It said, “Take one teaspoon or less, if you take more than that, you are stuck tall for five months.” “Five months!” he thought “That’s a long time, if only there is an antidote….” He walked through the forest. Being taller than the oak trees made it a bit better to see where Murray was going. In the nearby village the people fled out of their houses to see the giant. “Don’t eat us!” they cried. “Oh, no, I’m not going to eat you! I’m looking for Guntar Emilius Algar!” Murray said to them all. I took a potion and I grew hair and grew very tall and now I don’t have a home. I’m stuck like this for five months.”

“I can build you a house!” shouted a builder. From the crowd “I can help!” shouted another man. “Us too!” some others joined in. “Why thank you, everybody!” said Murray with tears in his eyes. Two weeks past and his house was built. He thanked the little people with a box of chocolates each. His house was built very well. The furniture was made by them too. He invited all the people to his house for tea. He was very happy to have neighbours and friends. He always had tea and cakes on the table expecting visitors and he got visitors. Five months passed and Murray was back to his normal size and bald again. He went down in his basement and got the potion bottle. He got a teaspoon, he filled the spoon. He put the spoon in his mouth and drank the potion. Hair sprouted on his head and grew about eight inches taller. He felt happy. He wrote a letter to Mr. Algar to say thank you for the help.
His life was better now. I would thank Guntar Emilius Algar, wouldn’t you?

By Leah Page, 4th Class,
Kilcroan NS
Co. Galway

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