Alannah Kelly – The noisy Graveyard


By Alannah Kelly

Henry and Helen were going trick or treating on Halloween night.  Henry was a blood curling ghost.  Helen was dressed as a horrible witch.  They were nearly finished trick or treating.  Their bags were full to the top.  Henry spotted 2 vast houses on top of the hill.  Their father told them the man that lives is very grumpy.  They really wanted to go through the graveyard.

Helen didn’t want to go near it.  Henry hauled her along.  They opened the old, corroded, mouldy gate and took one step forward.

The graveyard looked ancient and haunted.  Still dragging Helen along, Henry glanced to his left.  He had to squint through the darkness.  There stood a filthy, gumey, rotten bearded man.  They screamed.  They shrieked so loud the ground started to tremble.  All of a sudden the graves started collapsing.  Headstones were perished and long bony hands rose from the ground.

They ran like the wind, tore up the over grown lane and took a sharp corner.  I think we’re safe panted Henry.  They went straight home that night and never went back to the terrifying, shocking graveyard again.

Alannah Kelly
Fifth Class
St Brendans NS
Co Galway

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