Mark Bartle – Frankensteins Army


By Mark Bartle

SUMMER 1945: “The war is going on for how long I can’t remember”. Vladamir Petrov thought, as he was in the plane, on his way to the rendezvous behind enemy lines disaster strikes. Only five of his squadron survived. Supposedly our plane was shot down. We had to parachute 5 km from drop zone. I was stuck in a tree. I was only rescued by my friends. It’s October now. It’s close to Halloween. I can hear howling at night and screaming. We attacked two enemy bases since my last entry. I was scared seeing wandering Nazis slightly limping. Next day, we found some factory. I’m heartbroken to talk about this part …….we found some being, with like electric fuse hands. My friend Dimitri touched the thing. Then the lighting went on and off. By the time it was on again, the thing was standing up and Dimitri asked what it was. Then the lights went off again. I heard shouting and started shooting. The thing died but Dimitri was ripped in half, blood gushing out. We saw another thing coming closer so we ran without Dimitri, but I was thinking of friends, family and Dimitri’s family. Then something, with a Nazi banner across it, fell through the roof. We all started shooting. Then Captain kicked it in the face and we all ran.

Three hours later, we ran into another one of those things that seemed bullet proof but not explosive proof, but then there was that maniacal laugh again and that fat walker thing exploded. We all shouted thanks and kept running. I thought I saw a lab coat running away and more yelling, way clearer this time. I caught a glimpse of this maniac’s face he looked like some general on the 3rd Reich then. More chaos: everyone but me and Captain collapsed and died. I could see cuts, holes and scars. I shouted “run”, they’re turning. Its one day since we entered this portal to hell. Captain’s feeling sick, I’m scared he may turn into one of these things. I have been searching for meds. One more day to add to no success. I saw Captain jerking about. I pulled off the sheet. His eyes were out of this world. I ran looking for an exit. I had found one but it was in my friend’s way that were standing beside that monster and there was captain waddling over to that monster. I had one grenade waiting, knowing it was his time to shine, but then a thing snuck up on me and when I was grabbed, I knew it was time for me to join my friends flatline ……………… my vision ended. I swerved, shot that sneaky thing that thought he had me, turned again and I saw that grenade swirling through the air and bang. I was out. I boarded up the entrance and every window and painted over them NAZI EXPERIMENT LAB, UNKNOWN AMOUNT OF ZOMBIES INSIDE

BUT NEVER EVER ENTER and as I lit my flare and I thought about my beloved friends that I had sacrificed for myself. It was now over. Summer 1980. I still remember my friends. I told my friends about what happened but they think I’m crazy and the Germans said they did no such thing but it couldn’t be an illusion after everything I had seen. It couldn’t have. It wasn’t.

Mark Bartle, sixth class
St. Patrick’s National School,
Fohenagh, Ahascragh,
Co Galway

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