Mikey Christle – School through the Ages

School through the Ages

By Mikey Christle

Our school has changed in numerous ways over the years. Long ago schools did not have as much technology to avail of.
Back then misbehaving pupils were hit with a cane as punishment. My granny told me she had to walk seven miles to get to school. She said they had no electricity, heating or pens. Instead of the pens we use today, they had to dip pen nibs into ink wells. If you lived near the school you could go home and get your lunch.
Nowadays we have projectors, laminators, printers, photocopiers and fax machines. School is better now than it was in bygone days. We have a new child-centered curriculum. Nowadays school is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all children.
I predict schools in the future will have brand new technology and equipment. Maybe some new numbers, colours, shapes and subjects. Maybe if scientists find a way to change gravity buildings could float? Teachers might make a new sport?
School has changed a lot. The future is a mystery. It might stay the same.
Who knows?

Mikey Christle,
4th class,
Scoil Bhríde, Lackagh,
Co. Galway

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