Cormac Egan – Farming is a great way of life

Farming is a great way of life

By Cormac Egan

My name is Cormac and my Dad is a farmer and I hope some day I will be a farmer too. We own a small farm beside Lough Corrib and we keep some suckler cows and we keep a big Aberdeen Angus bull. We have a slatted shed where we keep our own animals during the wintertime to stop them from cutting up the ground.Our farming year begins in Springtime when the cows start to calf. When the calves are born we put them in the back of the shed on straw. If the weather is good we let them out in the fields at the back of the slatted shed. Dad said that they are healthier outside.We also put out fertiliser in the fields for silage and hay for next winter’s feeding.
In June we cut the silage and hay. We get local contractorsto do the work for us. They cut, bale and wrap the silage and then they stack the bales in front of the shed. A few weeks later, they usually spread the slurry that is in the slurry tanks from the winter. Sometimes dad spreads some more fertiliser in the fields to get a second cut of silage. Now is a quiet time in the year so we go to the bog to bring home the turf for the winter. My uncle helps to bring home the turf with the tractor and trailer.

In Autumn the calves that were born in Spring are brought to the mart to be sold. Sometimes I go to the mart with Dad. I have a pet cow named Suzi. She is four years old. I hope Suzi has a calf in Springtime next year. I have another cow named Sparkles. She had two calves already and I called one of them Joey after the movie “War Horse”. Joey has already been sold at the mart. I got Suzi from my uncle as a gift. In wintertime, we put all our farm animals into the shed for the cold months. When they are in the shed, I help my dad feed the cows.

One of my neighbours is a big suckler farmer. He has about fifty suckler cows and he has a big John Deere and a Zetor tractor. My other neighbour is a dairy farmer and he has abut fifty dairy cows. He has a big John Deere tractor also. Some of our neighbours rear sheep as well. We used to have sheep but we don’t have them anymore.

Farming is a great way of life. It involves a lot of hard work and time but it is very rewarding and is a healthy lifestyle. My favourite part of farming is, of course, the tractor. Nothing beats the tractor as farming would be very difficult without one. It saves a lot of time and effort. Our farm has been in our family for many generations so hopefully one day I hope to carry on this family tradition. Hope you enjoyed the story.

Cormac Egan,
aged 10 and a half
Clydagh NS
Co. Galway

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