Dara Mooney – The Haunted Fun Fair

The Haunted Fun Fair

By Dara Mooney

Megan, Penny, Anne and their dog Chico,
were in their tree-house. They were a bit bored and the hot weather was making them grumpy.
“Come on guys! Let’s go for a cycle” said Megan. Penny agreed happily, but Anne wasn’t so enthusiastic as Penny.
“In this weather? No way!” said Anne.
“Well we will just have to leave you here, all by yourself! said Penny, knowing how easily it was to scare her twin.
“Oh no!” said Anne quickly, “a long cycle did you say? Perfect.”
So they set off down the road.
Megan suddenly stopped.
“Guys come check this out!” she said.
“No no no no no way,” said Anne. “Besides we can’t, our parents will be expecting us home soon.”
“Guys listen up! I’ve got a plan! So Megan can we trust you to be at the tree-house at at least 11 o’clock?” said Penny.
“You can count on me,” said Megan.
Anne and Penny waited until they heard their dad’s snoring and their Mom’s soft breathing. They snuck out to the tree-house where Megan was waiting.
They got their bikes out of the shed, turned on their bike lights, put on their helmets and set off.
They stopped their bikes and hid them in the long grass. Then they scaled the fence (Anne needed a lot of persuasion for this.) Then they found themselves in some sort of fairground, where all the rides creaked and groaned in the gentle breeze.
“Guys I don’t like it, let’s go home.” Anne whispered clutching her twin’s arm tightly.
Penny shook her off roughly.
“Stop being such a baby,” said Penny, “ when will you grow up Anne?”
Anne stumbled back, shocked at the way her twin treated her and fell into a gigantic clowns mouth and found herself in the hall of mirrors. A voice rang out all high pitched but it was a man it said: “ One down 2 more to go!”
Back outside Penny was wondering where Anne was.
“Just leave her” said Megan. “ She has probably found some stall with teddies in it, knowing what a baby she is”.
“probably.” echoed Anne.
“I know she is your twin and all P but she is such a baby. Why is she always hanging around us?”
“I don’t know, maybe she thinks she is cool or something! said Penny. Come on!
They linked arms and walked on. First came the swings, they were all rusty and creaked and groaned, ugh! Next came the rollercoaster that had stopped halfway up a steep hill. Next came the merry go round it was soooo beautiful all different animals made of wood, polished to high shine. Megan got up on a beautiful blue and pink unicorn with big golden feathery wings. Penny was about to get on a beautiful
Swan when Megan said: “Look P I know you’re my best friend and all but this is my ride why don’t you find some other ride, Ok?”
“Ok, sorry I will find something else” said Penny backing away, biting her lip and trying not to cry.
She walked and walked thinking about how mean Megan was, but when she saw the waltzers she forgot about everything that had happened and all she wanted to do was to get on. As soon as she got on she knew she had made a huge mistake but it was too late. The voice blared out again: “Everyone down except for the dog. Anyone got sausages?”
27 years later.
A couple were taking a stroll when they came across three rusty and old fashioned bikes in the grass.
They found a hole in the fence and climbed through.
They found Anne’s skeleton in the hall of mirrors, Penny’s one in the waltzers and Megan’s on the merry go round silently screaming, but what about Chico? Some say he got caught, others say he ran off and forgot all about the whole thing but most say he still roams the fairground still searching for Megan…

Dara Mooney
Scoil Naisiunta Rois
Rosary Lane
Dominican Convent
Taylor’s Hill

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