Edel McGrath – Slow dance

Slow dance

This is a poem I wrote about my Granny and my grandfather. My grandfather passed away in 1991 from Cancer. Unfortunately I never got to meet him before he died. This poem was inspired from about two years ago. I was down in my granny’s and we were watching “Don’t Tell the Bride”. When the bride and groom were dancing on the television I noticed the sad expression on my granny’s face. I wondered was she thinking about her wedding day and the days when her husband was living. This inspired me to create this poem and story in memory of my granddad. (My granddad ran an electrical shop and a men’s drapery, this is what is meant by “feet halted and so did the clocks” I imagine the clocks in the shop stopped when he passed away)

By Edel McGrath

On a summers evening,
Late year of 1948,
Two people danced slowly,
Each the others soul mate.

Young and healthy,
Devoted and loving,
They locked eyes on the dance floor,
No time for running.

They waltzed the night away,
Married for life,
Ready to spend the rest of their days,
Finding new light.

It was the old days,
Life so simple, life so pure,
No gadgets or electronics,
Love the only cure.

No need for cash,
No need for luxury,
It only mattered they were together,
Telling each other: It’s okay as long as you love me.

They dreamt of wonderful,
They saw the stars,
They reared seven children,
And still held on to each other’s hearts.

No one could imagine it could all be taken away,
A slow dance turned into an ending romance,
When new light turned to grey.

I question every day,
Why god made you sick,
You were a good man,
But your many clocks began to tick.

You slowly faded,
With your lover by your side,
No one wanted to let go,
You were her lease of life.

You died,
And the music stopped,
Feet halted,
And so did the clocks.

A million memories,
Little children growing,
You flew into god’s arms,
Slowly floating.

I saw it in her eyes,
Now the 21st century,
Watching nowadays lovers slow dancing on the telly.

She still dances in her head,
Of many nights when he was living,
And now I see it as a child,
I’m starting my beginning.

This is my prediction,
I never got to see his light,
Dead before I knew him,
Gone before our lives.

But I believe you watch over her,
Above in god’s arms,
As she sings about the kitchen,
And she wishes on the stars.

I love you granddad I know you were great,
Happy 21st anniversary,
Keep granny safe.

Edel McGrath, fifth year student

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