Lonnie Drennan Walls – The Babysitter

The Babysitter

By Lonnie Drennan Walls 

It was the worst day ever. We found out that Mum and Dad were going to Wexford for the weekend. Max and I needed a babysitter and Betty Beans our usual babysitter was going to a One Direction concert in Dublin. We called her that because she serves beans with EVERYTHING!!!

Mum and Dad left on Saturday morning. Our new babysitter was a spotty, eighteen year old with glasses. “This can’t be good”,I thought.

That night she made Max and I go to bed at 7 o’clock! I wasn’t even tired .Max wasn’t either. The next morning we went to the park but all Orla did was sit on the bench eating chocolate. Max and I sat on the see-saw looking at her.
Afterwards we went home and Orla gave us bread and milk for lunch. We didn’t eat it so we got our bread and milk and put it in a bowl. We mashed it all up. It looked orange and disgusting.
We put the mixture in Orla’s shoes. An hour later Orla, got ready to leave for a trip to the shop. When she put her shoes on she started to scream: “EWWWWW!!!! What’s in my shoes? I know it was you Max, you did this!”.

Max and I ran up the stairs laughing and hid underneath the bed. A while later we heard footsteps on the stairs. “Oh no,” whispered Max, as we hid in the hot press. Orla ran around the landing, looking for us.
I took my mobile phone out of my pocket and phoned my parents. They promised to come as quickly as possible. Max and I waited anxiously until we heard the car pull up outside. We ran down the stairs and greeted our parents. We made them promise never to leave us again, if Betty Beans could not look after us. Beans or not, we wanted our old babysitter back!!

Lonnie Drennan Walls
5th Class
St. Ita’s N.S., Loughrea.
Co Galway

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