Rachel Connelly – A Princess in New York

A Princess in New York

By Rachel Connelly

Bella Thorn was the Princess of Waters Kingdom. Waters Kingdom was a small beautiful kingdom where there was never a cry or a scream. It was so peaceful that all you heard was the chirping of the birds.

One bright sunny morning Princess Bella felt very strange. She opened her eyes and all she could see were dazzling lights. All she could hear were cars driving by.

She didn’t know where she was. “Where am I?” she thought “somebody tell me”. Then she remembered what her best friend Daisy had told her. She talked about the big city that had dazzling lights and cars rushing by.“ Uh uh what was the name oh ya ……New York !” she recalled.

“Oh no what will I do? I’m in New York!!!”Bella cried. She went everywhere to find a kind person who would tell her how to get back to Waters Kingdom but nobody knew where it was. Bella was lost in New York!!!

Still desperate to find her way home Bella booked a hotel room for one night that cost a thousand dollars. Luckily New York had the same currency as Waters Kingdom, So she could buy food and important things.

The very next day Bella set off to find Waters Kingdom. She got pushed and shoved by very rude people. She saw a waterfall with a portal in the centre, outside a fancy hotel. “Should I go into it or should I stay here and keep trying to find home?” she wondered.“I’ll go” she said to herself “1…2…3 go!!”

Bella jumped into the portal and landed on the ground with a thump “I’m home,” she screamed. She ran to the palace and greeted her parents with a hug. They were delighted to see her alive. In the end they all lived happily ever after in the peaceful Kingdom of Waters.

Rachel Connelly,
5th Class
St. Ita’s N.S., Loughrea.
Co Galway

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