Senior Infants 2 GETNS – My Monster Called Snivy

My Monster Called Snivy

My monster has a body like a big Autumn tree,
Eyes like skulls,
A nose like a twig,
A mouth like a curved rock,
Legs like custard
And arms like broccoli.

My monster is as friendly as me,
As clever as a muffin,
As loud as Senior Infants,
As smelly as a bin,
And as frightening as thunder.

My monster Snivy.

By: A joint effort from Senior Infants 2, a class of 6 year olds.
Galway Educate Together NS.


3 responses to “Senior Infants 2 GETNS – My Monster Called Snivy”

  1. janet says :

    Very funny looking monster! Like the custard legs. Who’s really the loudest, Senior Infants or the monster?

  2. Sinead Mc Glacken says :

    Wow Senior Infants Two. I love your poem but your monster sounds a bit daunting. How can he walk on custard legs? He must wobble along! Well done! Sinead

    • Tallula says :

      Thanks Sinead, he has custard bottle legs. He is very funny because he is as clever as a muffin. I am very happy that you like our poem.
      Tallula, Senior Infants 2

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