Stephanie Quinn – The Worst Day Ever!

The Worst Day Ever!

By Stephanie Quinn

Today was the worst day ever! My alarm clock didn’t go off so I was late getting up for school and today was photo day.
I couldn’t find the ribbon for my hair and had to ask my sister for one. The ribbon she gave me didn’t match my outfit but it had to do. I got up so late that my brother had eaten all the cereal so I had to skip breakfast. I made a quick jam sandwich and headed for school. I had missed the bus.
It was lunch break by the time I got to school. I opened the wrapper of the sandwich and took one bite. I felt something sticky on my chin. I ran to the bathroom. There was jam down my front. I started wiping madly to get it off my dress but wiping just made it worse!
Suddenly I heard the announcement for the photograph. When I got out into the hall I got pushed around, the hall was PACKED!!
I finally got to the computer room where the photographer was. We had to wait a few minutes. I heard my name being called: ‘Sarah Boss’. I went up and sat on the chair. I felt a sneeze coming on just as the photographer said ‘cheese’. When I got out of the computer room I told my friends what had happened and they laughed out loud.
That evening when I got home I could smell something burning. Mum said it was our dinner, but Dad would collect a pizza on his way home from work. Dad got home late and the pizza place was closed so we all had sandwiches.
“Ding Ding…. oh that’s my alarm clock. I better get up. It’s photo day!!!. Again??????

Stephanie Quinn,
5th Class
St’ Ita’s N.S., Loughrea.
Co Galway

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