Daniel Haines – A Wild Adventure

A Wild Adventure

By Daniel Haines

On the 5th of October 3248 a squad of troopers and I flew to Mars in search of life and a place to live. This is my diary.

DAY 1:
I found a weed growing beside our landing area. We decided to investigate it and started digging. We found that the planet was hollow with loads of life inside. We tried to look for aliens and began by finding a path to the bottom. It was tricky but we eventually made it. We were all tired and decided to rest for the night.

DAY 2:
We woke up tied to trees with purple leaves and what looked like a Martian staring at us! He was small, yellow and slimy with four arms and hands with ten fingers each and two legs with ten toes each as well. He held a stick in one hand and seemed to be performing a ritual of some sort.

He untied us and fed us a sticky, red, honey-like substance. He called some other Martians. They were carrying what appeared to be sedan chairs. They left them on the floor and guided us into them. I think they must have thought we were gods of some sort.

They paused in carrying us around after a while and stopped to sleep.

DAY 3:
The next day when we had woken up they sat us down on the chairs again and we moved on. As we continued I could see a small village.

Soon we arrived and there was a sort of jousting competition on a high platform made of wood. Two Martians were fighting on cat-like animals except bigger, without fur and with purple skin. They fought using wood. It wasn’t long before one of them had fallen off. When I looked to where the alien was going to fall he was safe as there were bouncy mushrooms and they were huge.

The other Martian won. He climbed off the platform and went over to the Martian we saw first holding his stick. They spoke to each other in cackles.

The two aliens walked over to me. They guided me up the ladder to the platform. The other alien climbed up and he threw a piece of wood at me.

All of a sudden he started hitting me. But I remembered they didn’t take my pistol. I took it out of my belt and I shot at the legs off the platform and jumped onto the mushrooms. When I jumped, I heard a cheer. Luckily it was a soft landing but I was knocked out.

DAY 6:
I woke up to see the crew all around me. They told me I’d been knocked out for three days. I felt weary. One of the troopers put something hot on my head.

After a while it got better so I decided to go outside. A human spacecraft was there.

‘Do you want to go home?’ a voice asked.

‘I think I’ll stay a while, and then go home,’ I replied.
Daniel Haines
Belmont N.S.,
Cloghan’s Hill,
Tuam, Co Galway

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