Kailum Concannon – The Lost Rabbit

 The Lost Rabbit

By Kailum Concannon

Chapter 1

I have a cousin called Tom. He lives on a farm in the countryside. He loves all of the animals on the farm the cows, calves, horses and the foals. But Tom likes the small animals best of all.
He has a pet rabbit called Fluffy. Fluffy has a baby called Timmy. It is Tom’s job to feed the baby rabbit. He has a special bottle for this job. It has a straw at the top for the baby rabbit’s small mouth.

Chapter 2

rabit 1One day Tom was feeding the baby rabbit. Timmy finished all of the milk in the bottle but Tom knew that he was still hungry.

He was licking his lips and looking for more.

Tom went inside to fill the bottle again.
But……he forgot to close the door of the hutch!
When he came back Timmy had disappeared!

“Oh, no!” said Tom
“Where has he gone?”
“Where will I look for him?”
“I hope he is safe”

Chapter 3

rabit 2Tom looked everywhere for the rabbit. He searched the garage under all the tools. The rabbit could not be found anywhere.
Mum was in the garden reading her book in the sunshine. Tom looked under her chair.
“What are you doing?” mum said.
“I’m looking for my book” Tom said.
“I haven’t seen it” said mum. “Maybe it is in the bottom of your school bag!
“I will keep looking” said Tom.
Tom looked for ages. Then he had an idea. Rabbits like vegetables.
“I better check the vegetable patch!”
Tom went to the end of the garden and looked over the fence.
There he could see a black lump near the carrots. Tom called the rabbit’s name.
Timmy looked up at him chewing a bit of carrot.
Tom slowly crept up to Timmy and picked him up before he could run away again.

“Now you’re safe again” said Tom as he put the rabbit back in the hutch.



Kailum Concannon. 1st Class Brierfield National School, Tuam County Galway.

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