Alanah Doherty – 21st Century Witch

21st Century Witch

By Alanah Doherty


Somewhere in New York there is an apartment block and in it there is a very unusual lady. She has short spikey red hair and whacky style of clothes. She is quite a thin woman and she has a very pointy nose. But what makes her unusual I here you shout, well she is a witch and her name is Anjula. Anjula is not an evil witch nor is she an old scraggly witch, infact she is a lazy but clever witchand she is excellent when it comes to spells.

Instead of a flying broom stick she has a flying Dyson which she bought on “Spell Sale” and instead of a cauldron she has a very up to date non-stick frying pan! Angula does not tell anyone that she is a witch so everyone thinks that she is just another ordinary person.

One morning, when Angula was frying some frogs legs her doorbell rang. ‘Ding, Dong’, it went. ‘I wonder who that could be’, she thought. When she opened the door, who was standing there only a small orange hobgoblin! He was dressed as an old fashioned postman. ‘My name is Cameron and I have an important letter for you from the Head of the Magic College’, he announced officially while handing her an ancient looking envelope. Before Angula could say anything, off he pounded down the corridor.

She peeled open the envelope and on the letter enclosed it said:
“Dear Angula,
You are now at the age of 35 so this means you have to complete your Witches Exam. Be warned, if you fail your powers will be taken away….FOREVER!!! However, if you pass you will be able to live like a happy, safe witch for the rest of your days here in the college. This also means that your powers will not be taken away from you. So study hard and the best of luck!
Yours sincerely,
Wizard Dozispell”
‘Oh my broomstick,’ she shrieked, ‘I better get packing, and fast!’ she said in a panic. She was more worried about what to wear than about the exam because she was so confident that she would breeze through it!

The next day, bright and early Angula got a taxi through the city until she arrived at an old run down shop. It looked pretty empty to her but as she stepped in; to her surprise there was a secret elevator. The very minute she got into it the doors slammed shut behind her and it whizzed down the shaft. ‘Arghhhhh’, Angula screamed. ‘Isn’t this fun’, laughed a voice from the corner.

“You”, shouted a very confused Anjula “you’re that hobgoblin postman. Camel isn’t it?”
“It’s Cameron actually”, he snorted. Off he ran again when the elevator doors opened. Anjula stepped out and walked down a long hall. She came to a sign. It said, “Exam for 35 year old witches this way”. The arrow pointed into a dark and dusty room. In the room there were five other witches and a sleepy old wizard. Anjula sat down at a desk and started. By the time she had finished she was quite happy with her answers. She got up and left her sheet on the snoring wizard’s desk, and then she left. When Anjula had gone out of the room another witch crept up to the desk and swapped Anjula’s test with a silly one. Then she ran off. Five hours later Anjula was called up to the wizard’s office. “You got two out of one hundred”, the wizard groaned.

“What?” Anjula Shrieked. “That’s not my test!” “It’s true”, said a voice from the corner of the room. “Another witch swapped Anjula’s test for a fake one,” an orange Hobgoblin handed Anjula’s real test to the wizard. The wizard peered carefully at the sheet. “Well,” said the wizard, “You passed!” “Yay!” cheered Anjula. When they got out of the office Anjula thanked her new best friend Cameron and they all made happy spells ever after!

Alanah Doherty
4th Class
Carrabane N.S.Carrabane,
Co. Galway

12 responses to “Alanah Doherty – 21st Century Witch”

  1. kathy says :

    Wondrefull story, great writer.

  2. Marcus says :

    Well Done Alanah……Lovely story. Keep up the good work.

  3. Antoinette says :

    Well done Alanah!
    Great story-you’ll be famous some day.

  4. louise says :

    Wow JK Rowling better watch out.Super super stuff Alanah, Congratulatuons!

  5. Annette Keane says :

    Very impressive work, in which a traditional stereotype has been modernised in a humorous and clever way. A talent to watch! Well done.

  6. Fionnuala Keane says :

    Really great story, well done Ahanah!

    Can we read the full story? Ailbhe, Briona & Caoilfhionn

  7. Maria Bowles says :

    Fab story. cant wait to read the rest.

  8. Eilis says :

    Alannah, what a fantastic story! When can we hear more of her adventures? What a great cliff hanger, and I love the colourful front cover too! Just sent the story all round Malta!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Michele says :

    A brilliant story! read it to my son Isaac who very much agrees:) JK Rowling look out!!!

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