Edwina Mannion – My Local Area

My Local Area

By Edwina Mannion

I live in a little village called Kingstown. I like living in Kingstown because it is a nice and peaceful little village. All my friends live in my area. Some in Kill, Coolacloy, Ross, Fahy and Bayleek.

In the summer time lots of tourists come around because we have beautiful scenery- especially on the Sky Road. Sometimes you can see Slyne Head when the sky is clear and there are no clouds. Very often people come to our local beach called Eyrephort. You can go swimming, diving, building sandcastles and have picnics with friends. Always watch out for crabs and jelly fish!

Our nearest town is Clifden. It has a brilliant playground where kids play in the summer and late spring. It has a library shops, butchers and hotels. Clifden has a primary school with around 200 pupils. Kingstown N.S. in my area has only 32 pupils.

I love my area.

 Edwina Mannion, 5th Class

Kingstown N.S, Clifden, Co.Galway

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