Shauna Parry – One Bad Day

One Bad Day

By Shauna Parry

I woke up one morning
My hair was a mess
I had nothing to wear
And it was ten to nine.

I was stressed and annoyed
I was really hungry
But I had no time for breakfast
For me

I had just missed the bus when
I flew out the door
I thought to myself what
Will I do now?

So I rang the taxi driver
And he said he was on his way
So I waited and waited
But he never came.

I thought to myself
What do I do?
So my only option was to
Walk to school.

It would take me
Five minutes to
Walk to school
But then again
I had no luck
I splashed into a
Puddle in my
Favourite shoes

I finally arrived
I just heard
The bell, I was
Just in time
For a long
Day at

Shauna Parry,3rd Class, Tynagh N.S, Tynagh, Loughrea, Co.Galway.

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