Keilin Ataide-Dacosta – Oblivious


By Keilin Ataide-Dacosta

Encouraged to speak, silenced when I do so.
The words dance upon my tongue,
Eager to escape
But they are tied down with iron chains.

My thoughts are a pool and I am drowning
But you are not aware of this, are you?
That I struggle even though it seems pointless.
The silence between us is sickening.

Anger, sadness and disappointment well up inside.
Dangerous thoughts occupy the mind,
And the feeling of happiness gradually subsides.
But you are oblivious to the rotting festering in my head
And brandish me with the title of a sullen teenager.

Encouraged to speak, hushed as soon as the words come forth from my lips.


Keilin Ataide-Dacosta, 3rd Year, Salerno Secondary School, Threadneedle Road, Salthill, Co Galway

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