Leigh Carr – Immortal


By Leigh Carr

Part 1


The Beginning (1867)

“Elizabeth get up darling, your tutor will be here shortly,” called my mother Lenora, she always managed to be up at the break of dawn, I have no idea how as I could never rise without her calling me. “I’ll be down in just a minute mother,” I called back. I got out of bed to be greeted by my handmaid Charlotte. It was always a joy to wake up and see her waiting with my corset, she always wore a smile and greeted me with “Good morning Miss Elizabeth, did you sleep well?” “Yes I did, thank you. And what will I be wearing today?” I asked. “Well today I thought your deep purple one would be nice?” Charlotte had the most impeccable taste, I was so lucky to have her.”Charlotte, you always pick out the nicest clothes, and my favourite colour too? You know me too well,” I exclaimed. Charlotte smiled her brilliant, warm smile and helped me put my corset on and when it was finally tied and I had my dress on, the pain of the corset was worth it! “It’s beautiful, I don’t know what I would do without you,” I said “My pleasure Miss Elizabeth.” I smiled “I believe Mother is waiting on me so I will see you later Charlotte.” She nodded and opened the door for me, she was such a sweet girl it was such a shame I had to…. never mind it wasn’t all my fault.
“Good morning Mother,” I said happily “Oh good you’re ready dear, breakfast is on the table, eat quickly before Mister Smith arrives.” Mister Smith was my tutor, he came five days a week for my schooling and gave me the same holidays I would get if I was in a school. Mother said I would get a better education if I had a private tutor so I had never attended a real school before. As a result I didn’t have many friends, in truth Charlotte was my best friend. But I didn’t mind because, as mother predicted, I was much smarter than all of the other girls my age at seventeen and I quite liked spending time with Charlotte.
Just as I finished my breakfast there was a knock on the door. It was not Mister Smith but a police officer. That was the day we were told my father, Mister Alexander Hall, the loving father, husband and police officer had been killed while investigating a murder case not too far from here, he got there before the rest of the officers and as the courageous man he was, he went in to investigate but little did he know, the murderer was still in there, waiting….
He or she left a note saying the next officer to come looking wouldn’t be so lucky, whatever that meant. In what world does being murdered equal to being lucky? The officer explained that they were almost certain the murderer had killed him as there was so much blood but what the officers couldn’t fathom was, the murderer took his body and apart from Mister Hall’s blood there wasn’t one clue left behind as to who this person was, not a fingerprint, not even a rib of hair or a drop of sweat.
The police had nothing to follow and in my opinion after the note, they were too scared to keep looking. So after about a month they just gave up, they all gave up except me, I didn’t believe he was dead, where was his body if he was dead? A little blood doesn’t proove anything, he was taken and I knew it. That little sugar coated story I got from the police was not good enough for me.
So I started doing a bit of my own investigative work and I found the files on the murder he was looking into in his office. It was a very strange murder, they had found a dead body in the same old shack where my father was supposedly murdered or as I believe taken.
The murder victim has three precise cuts, one on the neck, directly through the vein, on the right side and one on either wrist again directly through the vein but here’s the weird part, there was no blood, not a drop, the cuts were merely open gashes on the skin, they were bone dry and the body was limp, entirely drained of blood….
My poor mother was so heartbroken, two months after the supposed murder she committed suicide. We found her in bed one afternoon; she never got up as her usual ungodly hour since father went missing. She had taken her life, leaving me to be an orphan. She had slit her wrists and bled to death…. It all sounded a little bit too familiar to me, slit wrists, bled to death, bit of a coincidence don’t you think? Considering the way the murder victim was killed…. I was all alone, both of my parents were gone thanks to one evil murderer, it was like a horror movie and I was being saved for last. It was a horrible thought but it was always there, just lingering around in my head.
I missed my parents a lot but there was nothing I could do but move on if I ever wanted to find the truth behind the whereabouts of my father.
By my eighteenth birthday I had finished with Mister Smith and was now among the most intelligent young ladies in the country. As I was eighteen now I was no longer the orphan everybody felt sorry for, but that didn’t mean I was going to give up on my father, I had gone back to that same old shack every day for the past two months now, just trying to find something, anything that would lead me to my father, usually I would find nothing.
But one day I did, it was a dirty piece of paper left purposely in the middle of the floor, I picked it up cautiously….it had old handwriting on it in black ink, it read;
Elizabeth, If you are reading this you are a very brave girl to continue coming back here after the warning I left for the police. But for such an intelligent young lady such as yourself I am surprized you would be so stupid as to come back. You see bravery and stupidity are two very different things but I see you have managed to mix them up. Now that your father is no longer any use to me and your mother is dead, sorry for the brutality of her death but it had to be done. You see I have been watching you; you were too smart to believe your father was dead and since you’re so persistent in finding me I will make it easy for you, See you soon, Sincerely, You’ll know when you meet me.
Now I was scared, that psycho killed both of my parents and now he was coming for me…. I sat down a minute because I felt light headed, I had left a bottle of water here in case I ever needed it, I drank the whole thing and that’s all I could remember, I must have passed out, either that or there was a little more than water in my bottle….

You’ll know when you meet me
I woke in a cold, dark room. I had no idea where I was but I could hear someone, they were close, too close and all I could hear was the occasional sinister laugh and a foot tapping the floor.
I was terrified, I almost screamed with fright but I kept quiet and very still. I was almost certain my kidnapper was a man from the sound of his haunting laugh, it was deep and dark.
“I know you’re awake Elizabeth,” he whispered, his deep voice sent a cold shiver down my spine, he lingered on my name as he said it. “You were calm when you were unconscious but now I can sense your fear, you are almost trembling,” he chuckled after he said this as if he were a cat playing with a mouse right before he kills it. “Who are you,” I asked almost whispering. “Me? I’m the author of the short letter you found, I’ve been dying to meet you,” he said “Why? Why do you want me?” I asked. He laughed again sending a second chill down my spine, “Oh Elizabeth, I want you because of your father. He was a strong man but not half as intelligent as hid daughter, by now he had tried to run, scream and fight his way out of here, and here is the funny part, he already knew what I was, whereas you on the other hand are oblivious and much more pleasant to handle and since your father failed, I needed a new candidate for my…. Experiment,” he explained. I swallowed hard, “What is your…. experiment?” I asked unsure if I wanted to know the answer. “My experiment? I’m glad you asked but it is a very long story Elizabeth, I think it would be better to show you.” He gestured for me to stand up, so I did. “Now, I want you to look at me, directly in the eyes.” I did as he said although it seemed a little strange….eventually I found myself in a daze, lost in his eyes, I felt calm and relaxed somehow but then his eyes changed from an amazing icy-blue to a blood red colour, veins started to appear on his face and then he opened his plump, rosy lips to reveal his glistening white teeth, I saw a flash of fangs and then suddenly a bolt of pain surged through my body like lightening running through my veins and suddenly it all went black again….
I woke in the same room, but I was no longer wearing my deep purple dress, my clothing had been changed to extremely expensive clothing, I was now wearing a black corset and a deep red dress with black lace, my shoes were also changed to black mid-heels and I was wearing real diamonds around my neck, I was very confused….”Good you’re awake, now you may have a slight headache but that will go as soon as you drink this.” He handed me a glass with a red liquid inside, it looked like blood but as much as that revolted me it smelled like heaven and I was suddenly very hungry, I drank every last drop, then I started to feel strange, it was like the lightening in my veins again only this time it felt good and for the third time that day I passed out….
When I woke I didn’t think I was in the same room. I could see everything, hear everything, smell everything and I wasn’t cold at all. It was amazing until I realised who I was in the room with, “I bet you feel pretty amazing, don’t you?” he asked but this time for the first time I was not scared of him. I sat up and gave him a death glare “What is your name? I am sick of your cryptic answers!” I shouted angrily “Whoa easy there, my name is Ezra, now that is all you get. Back to the main event now, you are the most beautiful of our kind I have ever seen.” This took me a little by surprize, our kind? Although now that I could see him, he was also the best looking person I had ever seen, he had black hair that looked like soft silk resting on his head and a perfect, pale complexion, his facial features were as if they were moulded by an angel, he was also very well built he was perfect, all except a scar running horizontally across his neck like someone had tried to decapitate him a long time ago…. “You are not so bad yourself,” I replied with newfound confidence that surprized me, I was usually a very quiet person but it was like that side of me had just disappeared now I was powerful and confident. He almost looked surprized at my reply too, like he wasn’t expecting me to even answer him never mind back-answer him. Then he looked a little annoyed “do not get ahead of yourself now, you are only after finishing transition but unlike the others you have taken to it rather quickly, your intelligence as a human must have been the trait you kept….you my dear are just full of surprizes,” he said. And then it finally dawned on me what I was, what he was, we were vampires, like from the scary stories father used to tell me when I was little, I always thought they were just make-believe…


All my life I grew up thinking vampires were just myths and now here I am, a vampire. I’m not complaining though, I always liked the stories father used to tell me about these beautiful yet terrifying creatures of the night. In a way I always kind of wanted to be one….so once again I decided I would surprize him, Ezra, by saying “Thank you.” This time he did not even try to hide the shocked look on his face; he even let his jaw drop a little “What for?” He asked “For turning me into a vampire of course, it is much better than being a weak little human wondering what happened to my father for the rest of my short life.” I explained, then he laughed but it wasn’t one of his spine-chilling laughs it was more of a happy chuckle “Well would you look at that, I went from stubborn vampire hunter to a young girl, clearly born to be a vampire,” Ezra said happily, but I picked up on something else “vampire hunter?” I asked “Oh, yes Elizabeth I almost forgot to tell you the real reason I took your father was that he had a second occupation that very few people knew about, a vampire hunter. He killed my wife and I wanted my revenge I knew he had a wife but you my dear were kept a secret. I had no idea he had such a remarkable daughter….now that I have met you I see why he wanted to protect you so badly,” he explained. That was a lot to take in, but for some reason I no longer cared that both of my parents were dead. This surprized me a bit “Why do I not care?” I asked “Because you are a vampire my dear, you have surely heard the stories….soulless monster and all?” He explained. “Why would you care about your wife then?” I asked “Good question Lizzy…” I cut him off “Do not call me Lizzy” I said blankly. He rolled his eyes and sighed “Alright, Elizabeth good question, at some point in your vampire life you will care for one person and one person only, be they supernatural or human,” he explained “Your wife was killed, will you ever care for another again?” I asked “I do not know” he said blankly like he did not even care that she was dead. I was a little suspicious “What was her name?” He looked a little taken aback by this, I looked at him expectantly “Isobel, now enough questions, I do not like talking about her death” he did look sad when he said this, maybe he was just trying to forget, I dropped the subject. “Would you consider staying, I could show you how to be a vampire if you wish; it is a hard world out there if you are untrained.” I did consider this for a while and then I thought what the hell, “Oh well, where else am I going to learn, might as well learn from a psychotic vampire.” He laughed at this like he was used to being called psychotic, I have to admit, this worried me a little…. “Great, we start now” he said with a smile.


“Okay, so let’s start with the basics, I am sure that you have noticed the little things like your amazing sight, hearing and sense of smell. Also you have no need to breathe, eat food, drink water or sleep and I am sure you have noticed you do not feel the cold, you will not feel the heat either. You are cold to the touch but drinking a hot beverage will help with that. Got it?” I was pretty sure I got it, this was all so new and it was amazing! “Yes I think I do,” I replied, exited. “Good, now onto the proper stuff…. First, every vampire has a special ability that will be speed and agility, strength, sense of emotion or coercion and right now we are going to test you and see what your best ability is, okay?” God, first heightened senses and now special abilities this was the best thing that ever happened to me! “Okay, no problem,” I said trying to keep my cool.
He took me down several flights of stairs to what looked like an old basement but it was huge, almost as big as my old house. It was dark but I could see perfectly. “First we will test my best ability, strength,” he said with a grin like there was no way this would be my best ability too. He took me a corner with a big boulder in it, however that got down here…. “Punch it,” he said, I gave him a look that said are you kidding me “I will break my hand if I try to punch that” I said “you will not break your arm Elizabeth, you are a vampire now and even if you did it would heal in a matter of seconds. We heal at an unbelievable speed, if you were to get stabbed with a knife it would heal in no more than four seconds,” Ezra explained. I punched it and it was amazing my hand went straight through and it didn’t hurt at all! “Wow” was all I could say. He laughed at my expression “Good, but no, it is not your best ability.” He punched it in a different spot with what looked like no effort and the boulder split in two. “Show off,” I said. He laughed again “do not worry; you will be better than me at something.”
Then he took me to the middle of the back wall and told me to run to the other side as fast as I could. Without argument I did as I was told. I started running and before I even knew what was happening I was at the other side, I was shocked and I was in heels! Ezra followed me over like a blur also but it looked like he was a little slower than I. I looked at him waiting for him to tell me if it was my best ability or not “well I think we have found your best ability, speed and agility, that is very good to have. You are much faster than I,” he said. “Now, can you sense my emotion right now?” I concentrated very hard and tried to sense what he was feeling and then suddenly I felt a wave of happiness, “Happiness?” I asked “Very good, if this was your best ability you would be able to control my emotions, you cannot do that can you?” I tried but I was pretty sure I failed “do you feel sad?” I asked “no” he replied “but that is normal, we already know your best ability so now we can move onto coercion, it is very important that you can do this,” he explained. “But first there are a few more things you need to know…. First, never go out in the daylight, you will catch fire and die. Second never go long periods of time without feeding, you will eventually desiccate and die. Last but not least always be cautious of your company, a wooden stake to the heart will kill you instantly and recently they are very easy to come across. Got it?” “Yes, I think so but what is coercion?” I asked “good question, think of it like mind control, but it is easier to show you, you will need it for feeding,” He explained.


Ezra took me to my house, he said it was best to train me with someone I cared for, that way I shouldn’t kill them…. “After you,” he said when we got to the front door. “Wait do vampires not need to be invited in?” I asked “Well of course, but everyone that used to live in this house is dead not so it does not matter.” He replied. I opened the door and Charlotte came running asking if I was alright “I am fine Charlotte do not worry,” I told her. “This one,” Ezra whispered in my ear. Why did she have to care so much now sweet little Charlotte had her life resting in my hands…. “Tell her to look into your eyes, say do not move, scream or be afraid, this will not hurt,” Ezra said.
I did as I was told. “Charlotte, look into my eyes,” I said calmly. She did and then suddenly she looked dazed and stared at me with a blank expression. “Do not scream, move or be afraid, this will not hurt.” Then she replied “I will not scream, move or be afraid, this will not hurt.” It was strange seeing her in this zombie-like state. Ezra was behind me again whispering in my ear, he told me to sink my teeth in, count to five and pull away before I kill her. Once again I did as I was told, I could almost taste the blood already, I could see it running around in her veins suddenly I felt a piercing in my gums; my fangs were retracting and then I couldn’t resist anymore…. I sank my teeth in and felt the hot, thick fluid pour into my mouth, it gave me a surge of power and strength, I completely forgot to count and who I was feeding on , I felt Ezra try to pull me off but I wouldn’t let him. I kept going until there was nothing left and her body fell limp in my arms, I had killed her, Charlotte my only friend, dead at my hands.
At first I felt remorse as I had cared for her as a human and then quickly, I just didn’t care anymore, I had just killed my best friend and now I didn’t care this was weird….


Ezra rolled his eyes, “I said count to three,” he said frustrated. “I do not even care that I killed my best friend,” was all I could say, I didn’t care if he was annoyed. “Yes I know sweetheart, as I said previously you are a vampire, you do not care about humans,” he said like I was stupid. He rolled his eyes again and let out a frustrated sigh “vampires do not care about humans, it is our nature, they are nothing but walking blood bags to us. Got it?” He asked “Yes,” I replied and I dropped the fact that killing my best friend did not matter to me at all to me. “Now I do not want to hear about petty emotions again until you fall hopelessly in love with someone, you know what, not even then no more emotions, got it?” “Yes, now stop badgering me and let’s get on with it,” I snapped, a little annoyed at Ezra.


I rounded up every single person in the house and brought them all to Ezra. “We will not be hungry for a while,” he chuckled. “So should I…. coerce them?” I asked “Yes, tell them what you told Charlotte,” he said blankly, I presumed they were all going to die….
I walked up to the first one, “do not move, scream or be afraid, this will not hurt,” I said and to my amazement all of the humans replied “I will not move, scream or be afraid, this will not hurt,” perfectly in sync. I gave Ezra a look of disbelief but he was smiling “what just happened?” I asked confused “You are one of the rarest vampires on the earth,” he stated “you have two best abilities, normal vampires like me can only coerce one person at a time but if a rare vampire like you is thinking about coercing more than one person you could do it to an entire room if you wished.” He said, still smiling. I was pretty happy with this, “so I am a better vampire than you?” I asked smirking with a sarcastic tone in my voice. His smile disappeared and he gave me a look that said don’t push it. “Alright, you majesty, do not glare me to death,” I said, still with a smirk on my face. He gave me another look and walked up to one of our test subjects “watch and learn,” he said, his face changed and his fangs retracted he leaned in. I counted to five and he was just five seconds until he pulled back but then to my astonishment he snapped her neck. “What did you do that for?” I almost shouted. “I felt like it,” he replied simply. He really was an annoying person….

Part 2

Turning Point

Ezra and I lived among each other for many years after. I dealt with him…. although he could be very irritating sometimes. Sometimes I left for many years but for some reason I always found my way back to him, it was strange, like I always felt it was right to go back to him….
Once while I was away I met someone, a human his name was Alec and I felt something I had never felt before, it was like my heart stopped beating (even though I had no heart beat) he took my breath away and then I knew, after we had spoken….he was the one, this was the feeling Ezra had told me about I had fallen for a human.
Eventually I felt I should go back to Ezra but this was one thing I thought worth keeping secret from him, there was always something a little off about him, I couldn’t put my finger on it but he always had this weird look on his face when he looked at me, like he wanted to tell me something, what I did not know….
I turned my new love before I left and trained him as Ezra did me, I told him I would be back hopefully sooner than later but in this case thanks to Ezra it was later much, much later…. Eventually all of Ezra’s little quirks added up, it took a couple hundred years but he finally proved that little thought floating around in my head wasn’t just a thought….

Turning Point (2014)

Twenty fourteen, the year everything changed…. I had shortened my name to Eliza to sound a little more modern and I was still with Ezra despite…. well despite the fact he was him. Ezra and I were never involved romantically over the years but we both had numerous other partners although I had never seen him fall for any of his girlfriends like I fell for Alec maybe he was still heartbroken because of his wife’s death or he just didn’t want to tell me like I hadn’t told him about Alec. The world really had changed, between phones, gaming consoles, computers everything was done through technology. But I adapted to all of that, the only thing that really took me by surprize was the change in Ezra, he was different and not his brooding different, it was like he was told his whole life was a lie, he wouldn’t talk to me about it but I knew something was wrong. What was it?
“Hey Ez, I’m back from hunting, you hungry? I brought you back some,” I said as I walked into our apartment. He looked up from his laptop and blankly said “no.” I was getting sick of this, he told me never go more than a week without eating and here he was, not eating. “You have to eat something. I’m getting sick of your moodiness if you want me to leave for good this time you’re doing a really good job so either tell me what’s wrong or I’m out.” I said angrily “you really want to know what’s wrong? You; you’re the problem you know what maybe you should leave, just go!” Ezra was shouting at me, I was a little offended what did I do now? “What the hell Ezra? What could I possibly have done wrong now, if you haven’t noticed I’m still here despite your mood, I’ve left more than once but I always come back, stop making me question why!” I shouted I was really angry now: I hadn’t had a real fight with him like this in years. “You know what you did,” he growled through his teeth and gave me a disgusted look through the side of his eyes. I was so confused, what did I do? I wanted to scream, I was getting more agitated and irritable by the second and I was starting to fidget, becoming a vampire really doesn’t help your temper. “Oh my God Ezra, what is it? Just freaking tell me already, I have no idea what you’re talking about!” I was really shouting now, I think the neighbours could hear me. I clenched my fists because I was getting ready to rip his snide, moody, good looking head right off his body. He took a deep breath and then he said something “Alec,” he whispered with his eyes closed. My anger drained rather fast as shock filled me, how did he find out? I kept it secret for so long. I ran my fingers through my long hair and took a deep breath “how did you find out?” I asked as calmly as I could. “Your little idiot came looking for you, clearly he loves you or he would have stayed away when you told him to, but now he shall pay the price and so will you my dear.” He said sinisterly, it was like the first day he took me all over again, he even managed to send a chill down my spine, I had never seen him like this before, he looked demented…. “Okay, calm down Ez, why does it matter? It’s not like were together in that way right? So just tell me where Alec is and we can sort this out like sane people okay?” I said trying to stay calm, clearly he was unstable. “Maybe it doesn’t matter to you but there is something I never told you, I was hoping it would click when I turned you but clearly it never did. I met you as a human before I turned you and I coerced you to forget but when I met you I fell for you, like you did with Alec, I’ve loved you since the day I turned you Lizzy and now to be honest I’m a little hurt you would leave me for a simpleton like Alec.” He looked quite angry, I had no idea he ever felt that way, I was very taken aback by this…. “Okay first you know it bothers me when you call me Lizzy, it’s Eliza or Elizabeth, never Lizzy and what about your wife?” I asked. “I never had a wife, I’ve always loved you ever since the day I met you. I made her up, I don’t know why, but I thought if you felt sorry for me you would like me more but clearly that didn’t work because now you have….him.” He said him with such disgust; I could see it in his face. I didn’t know how to respond, I loved Alec very much and he is not a simpleton, he is very smart unlike Ezra…. “And you think Ez isn’t annoying? I just never object Elizabeth,” now he was saying my name with disgust, I was stuck for words and then suddenly everything was black, I had turned around for a moment. Ezra had snapped my neck and god knows where he was taking me…..
When I woke I realised he had taken me to the same room where he had taken me on the first day I met him. I felt just as scared as I did the first time too. He was no longer Ez my annoying but loveable friend, he was Ezra my psychotic, sinister friend that clearly had some serious jealousy problems. I was tied to a chair and I could hear screaming, it was Alec’s voice, I would know it anywhere. I called out for him hoping he would reply but I got nothing in return, his screams were agonising to me, I tried to break free from the chair but Ezra had tied me up in so much chain and rope I couldn’t move a muscle. Why did he have to be so strong? I thought for a moment and then I struck me, he had tied me to a wooden chair….I shook my head in disbelief, all I had to do was break the chair and I was free. I leaned forward to stand with the chair on my back and then jumped onto my back, the chair broke and the chains fell off, that was way too easy, either Ezra was losing his touch or he really was simply out of his mind right now.
“Ezra?” I called. He didn’t respond but I know this place like the back of my hand, I spent two full years here when Ezra was training me and I know exactly where he likes to….be himself, wow I didn’t realise how much of a psycho he really was. He had a torture room for God sake! I walked down the stairs towards the room and the farther I went down, the louder Alec’s screams got, I was running now, I needed to stop him before he killed Alec. I burst through the door to find him punching the life out of Alec, he had him tied up and he was far from holding back but then I remembered Alec’s best ability it’s controlling emotion! “Alec! Remember your special ability, use it now!” I shouted, panicked. I jumped for Ezra and gave him a clean punch right into the back of his head then he screamed and went to punch me but he forgot my best ability is speed, agility and also coercing. I dodged his punch and tripped him up in the process, he fell and I gave him a swift kick into the side of the head but he caught my leg and pulled me down but to my surprize, he kissed me. I was expecting a punch or him to snap my neck but he kissed me right on the lips, I tried to pull back but he was too strong so I did what anyone would, I kneed him where no guy wants to be kneed and he let go, in his moment of pain I managed to snap his neck….that should keep him out for at least four hours….
“Alec,” I said as I ran to him, I untied him and hugged him as tight as I could. “Never leave again,” he whispered in my ear and I never would leave again not after today. “I promise you, I will never ever leave again,” I whispered back then he kissed me but it wasn’t like Ezra’s forced kiss, this was soft and I was embraced in his arms, I felt safe and I loved him with the only feelings I had in me and they were all his. “I love you,” I said relieved we were together again, “I love you too,” he replied and now that we were safe it was time for some sarcasm from me “Nice job with your emotion control,” I said amused “shut up, all I could feel was how much I wanted to hug you but then that feeling passed onto him and well….all that happened,” he explained. “Don’t worry about it, were safe now and that’s what matters, but what should we do with Ezra? I’m pretty sure he’s gone past his breaking point, in all our years together he has never acted like that before, he was rabid. It was hard to see him like that but I don’t think he’s going to wake up and brush it off so we either….” I couldn’t finish that sentence; I didn’t want to even think about killing him even though he had snapped he was still my friend and I just couldn’t make myself kill him, that just wasn’t an option but there was one more thing I had never tried but I had been working on it behind his back, coercing another vampire….


Alec and I brought Ezra to a different room as I had no intent of torturing him but the tables had turned a little since the first time we met, now he was the subject of my experiment….
“Ezra? You awake?” I asked and hopefully it was just a reflex but I got an unexpected punch into the face from him. “Oww! Son of a….” I screamed, man was he strong, Alec was by my side in a flash helping me back to my feet and I suddenly felt relaxed after being quite angry that I just got punched. Alec was using his ability to calm me down, I smiled at him to let him know it was working and then I walked back over to Ezra and gave him a slap across the face, he gave me a look that said what was that for? “You know what that was for; you just punched me in the face.” I said. Wow I should be raging now, thank God for Alec or I think Ezra would have gotten a little more than a slap….
“Okay Ez….Ezra why did you never tell me you felt this way?” I asked. “Because I knew you didn’t feel the same, I could sense it when you were around, we were good friends but I knew you never wanted more….” He explained, I felt badly but it was really hard to feel sorry for him right now. “Maybe if you were a little nicer or got to know me as a human like I did with Alec, then maybe turned me for love and not make it out that you’re a psycho murderer just playing a game, maybe then I might have felt something for you but that time has passed and you’ve had hundreds of years, I’ve moved on and now so should you, so I am going to try something that I never have before,” I replied. “What are you going to do now kill me? Because you know, that is not very new to you,” he replied with a tone I didn’t appreciate in his voice. “No I am going to try to coerce you, another vampire, I have been working on it for quite some time now and I think I may be getting somewhere,” I explained. He laughed at this “You really think you can coerce another vampire? Be my guest but I never told you about that because only true vampires can do it so fail if you wish dear because you are no true vampire.”
“Oh really?” I asked with a harsh tone in my voice. I walked up close to Ezra and grabbed the back of his head, stared into his icy eyes and said “punch yourself in the face with all your strength.” What? I wanted some payback and what better way to do it? He did it and I have to say I was very pleased with myself. “Who’s no true vampire now?” I asked snidely. “But I don’t understand how are you a true vampire? I’ve been trying for over a thousand years now! You would have to love someone, master all of your abilities, turn someone and I’m sure there is plenty more.” “How did you a little girl do it before me?” He asked annoyed. “Simple, what do you think I’ve been doing for a few years here and there every time I left? I’ve met other vampires that showed me how to do all of these things and with Alec, well he was just plain good luck, I couldn’t have met a nicer person and yes that includes you. You can be such an arrogant ass sometimes it drives me crazy.” I explained. He looked a little taken aback by this but at this point I didn’t care anymore, he had pushed me too far this time by taking Alec…. “So any last words before I make you forget I exist?” I asked. “What? Forget you exist, no, no you cannot do that!” He shouted. But I ignored him and stepped up to start erasing every memory he had of me and Alec….
“Look into my eyes,” I said and he did as he was told. His face relaxed and he went into the dazed state. “Who am I? And what do I mean to you?” I asked. “You are my Lizzy but you do not like being called that, you are Eliza, my best friend and I love you,” he replied, oh God he loved me? For someone with such a hard shell it was weird seeing his soft side. “When did you first meet me?” I asked. “One year before I took your father,” he replied, that kind of scared me, I had just turned seventeen by then and he was like, God I don’t even know I’ve lost count….he was old. “I want you to forget that day and forget the day you took me and turned me, forget every memory you have of me, you will no longer know I exist and you will also forget Alec ever existed,” I said willingly, this was a long shot but I needed to try. And thankfully he replied “I will forget.” “Now, who am I and what do I mean to you?” I asked again. “I do not know you, you mean nothing to me,” he replied. God now that he actually said it, it was harder to process, my best friend for centuries no longer knew I existed and I meant absolutely nothing to him, I was officially a stranger to him. “Alec, come here,” I said and he did. “Who is this man?” I asked. “I do not know, I have never seen him before,” Ezra replied again. Okay so it was official, Alec and I could finally have a life together and God only knows what would become of Ezra, I hope the coercing didn’t confuse him at all, just in case I better ask him one more question, “who and what are you?” I asked, just to be sure. “My name is Ezra Mason and I am a vampire or some people refer to me as the shadow killer,” he replied blankly once again. Good he was still him, he could just go back to being the shadow killer that no one could ever find and everything would go back to normal except one thing….he might have forgotten me but I can’t forget him, I love Alec but Ezra was always a big part of my life too….

Ending (2015)

And now here I am, in present day a few months after losing Ezra, my best friend. I was more or less over losing him but I have to admit, I do check up on him discreetly from time to time just to be sure he is still himself and by no surprize, he is. Ezra is the Shadow Killer once again; the one criminal the police just cannot catch. And to my surprize he seemed to have a girl following him around these days….it seems the coercion has worked and he has moved on and completely forgotten that I exist but I suppose it’s for the best.
Alec and I have moved to California now, prowling in the night and we are living happily together since I….got rid of Ezra.
I suppose in the end everything worked out. Except the couple of centuries I spent with Ezra that I can never forget, maybe someday in a few more centuries we may be friends again…..

Leigh Carr, 2nd Year, Colaiste an Eachreidh,Athenry, Co. Galway

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