Rachel Bodkin – My Amazing Adventure

My Amazing Adventure

By Rachel Bodkin

It was raining and I wasn’t able to go outside. I was looking around my room for something to entertain myself but I couldn’t find anything. I was at a loose end so I set off to find my mom, she was in the attic.

I climbed the stira stairs up to the attack to see what she was doing. It was a little dark and spooky! I cautiously crept around – curious about the contents of all the boxes!

Subsequently, I noticed a peculiar box in front of me. I picked it up to move it out of my way when suddenly I noticed something fall out of the box.

I looked inside and before me I saw a map. It looked ancient. I noticed an X and X marks the spot. The first place on the map was the Waterfall Forest. The Waterfall Forest might sound like a beautiful forest with gushing waterfalls everywhere you look but no it was a spooky, dark forest and anyone who was smart would not go in there.

I was mystified and intrigued- curious to explore this place. Although it sounded ominous- I decided I was going to go anyway. I realised I was approaching the perimeter of the forest and suddenly, I observed this beautiful forest!

I observed all the picturesque scenery -what an amazing experience.

Momentarily, found a treasure chest. I was mesmerised.  The only thing was that it was being guarded by a group of pirates. I fought and defeated them. As soon as I had the treasure chest in my hand I was back home again. That day wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be! I couldn’t wait to tell my family all about my fun, exciting, amazing adventure!


Rachel Bodkin, 6th Class, St. Theresa’s N.S, Cashel, Co. Galway

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