Ruth Cowan Madden – A Shadow in the Window

A Shadow in the Window

By Ruth Cowan Madden

“There it is again!” Connor screamed his eyes white with fear. “Stop it Will, you’re scaring Connor” bellowed Joe, “Joe for the last time it’s not me.” Announced Will. “Well it must be you Will, if it’s not Connor or me.” “Joe for the last time it’s not me!” “Then who is it Joe demanded.
Joe, Will and Connor are three brothers who live in Bath, England in a rustic cottage with burgundy brick work and ivy interlinking in the cracks of it. This cottage is across from a make-shift house that is crumbling down. Every night a shadow would appear and start to wail, and Connor (who is the youngest) would lose all his confidence and resort to hiding under the bed. Joe would give out to Will thinking it was him but one night when Joe was watching the moon rise, a figure flashed by the window Joe blinked thinking his eyes were deceiving him but the figure stood there…wailing. Joe felt a wave of panic and guilt rising over him. He roused Connor and Will telling them that they were going to see what the figure was. Connor was hesitant at first but decided to go. When they crossed the road and entered the garden, the grass was knee high and the once golden cobble stone path was now a murky grey. Slates from the roof lay strewn around the garden; the three boys crept up to the monstrous crimson door and edged it open. It gave a slight creek and swung open. The boys were presented with a grand pine wood staircase that rose up and up as if reaching for the heavens and a magnificent piano with ivory keys. They looked to the left and saw a tea room with pink plush sofas, 3 armchairs and the most elegantly designed china you’ve ever seen. The boys were taken aback and forgot what they were meant to be doing until they heard a low wail, terrified and startled they ran, ran until they were in the safety of their own home and ran until they were in bed and their door was locked. One thing was for sure though… they were never going back to that house again…


Ruth Cowan Madden, 5th Class, St. Brendan’s NS, Portumna, Co. Galway

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