Shane Coyle – World War III

World War III

By Shane Coyle

March 19th, 2020

“Get inside Jack!” my mother screamed hysterically as I hurried towards the door. Bombs dropped everywhere. Dublin City was a wreck. Shops were destroyed and there was glass everywhere. Countless planes flew overhead. I quickly drew the curtains. “We have to get to the bomb shelter” I screamed over the noise of the planes. We hurried out the back door grabbing water bottles and food. We sprinted as fast as our legs would carry us to our car in the driveway.
When we reached the shelter, I couldn’t believe how many families were there. Families huddled together in every room. Children wept in fear. Mothers and fathers held them tightly.
”Are there any bed available?” my mother anxiously asked a guard.
“You’re lucky Ma’am. Two beds left for the night” he said wearily.
We quickly made our way to the beds and settled down for the night.

March 20th 2020 – 7 am

We woke early to the sound silence. Smoke billowed up towards the clear skies. Word spread quickly that it was safe to leave the shelter. My mother grabbed the car keys and we made our way from the shelter to the nearby multi-story carpark where the car was parked. We hopped in, my mother driving and me in the passenger seat. We drove in silence towards our home. Suddenly, on the outskirts of the city, the Irish army were on the road redirecting traffic away from danger ahead.
We drove for miles before we reached the safety point in the Dublin Mountains. I breathed in a sigh of relief, as a helicopter landed minutes later. There was a family of 3 ahead of us in the queue. “Only four seats left in the helicopter” a voice boomed from the loudspeaker. Pure disbelief seeped through me. I managed to say “you take it” to my mother. She looked at me, shocked. “The helicopter is leaving in 3 minutes. GET IN!” I bellowed at her above the sound of the blades. I pushed her ahead of me and she boarded it, tears in her eyes. The helicopter rose about 25 feet into the air. Without warning the missile hit it. I didn’t even have time to cry out before the helicopter hurtled towards the ground.
I don’t remember much that day, but I do remember one thing: I ran for my life.

Shane Coyle, 6th Class, Kilnadeema N.S., Loughrea, Co. Galway

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