Katelyn McMahon – The Warlock Ring

The Warlock Ring

By Katelyn McMahon

Chapter 1

Amelia Brown flung her refill pad across the room. It was a useless, she thought, trying to study like this. Perhaps she’ll just go to bed. It might make her feel better. She walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Amelia had light brown hair, the same shade as melted milk chocolate, which went down just below her shoulders. Her eyes were a green blue colour. She had pale skin and she never tanned. She brushed her teeth and got ready for bed. Why, she thought as she turned off her light, did she still get a feeling that she should be doing something different, that something bad was going to happen.

When Amelia got to school the next morning, she still had the same strange feeling, however she forgot about it when she saw her best friend Emma Jones. “Amelia,” Emma shouted over the crowd rushing into the school. “How was your summer?”
“Great,” Amelia replied, “how was yours?” Emma had wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She always went on holidays during the summer. This year she had gone to New York.
“It was fantastic,” the girl answered. “The view from the empire state building is amazing!” As the two girls walked into the school Amelia studied her timetable.
“Why do we have to have maths first?” Amelia groaned. As the two girls walked into the classroom, she thought she saw an animal out of the window. Probably just a stray dog she decided, but that feeling was back. She couldn’t concentrate on maths. She kept glancing at the window, but she saw nothing out of the ordinary. Finally, what seemed an eternity later, the bell rang. As she rushed to English, she saw another animal outside the principal’s window. This time she saw what it was.
It was a wolf.

Chapter 2

Amelia blinked. What was a wolf doing in a small town in Galway. But then she realised that she was on her own. She looked around the deserted corridor and groaned. She was late for class. With one last glance at the window, she walked over to the door of her English class. Amelia knocked on the door quietly and walked in. “Well,” the teacher said, “Nice of you to join us, Amelia,”
“Nice to see you too,” Amelia replied, ignoring the class snickering as she sat at her desk. She took out her English book and looked at the teacher,
“Well now that Amelia has cared to join us, we will begin.” As the teacher was introducing herself and telling the class what they were going to learn about, Emma leaned over to Amelia.
“What was that about?” she asked.
“A wolf,” Amelia answered, “I saw a wolf out of the window in the principal’s office, and I think I saw one out of the window in maths as well.” Emma fingered the ring on her right hand. It was weird, Amelia thought, they came in on the first day of school with the same ring on their right hands. That was one of the reasons they became friends.
“A wolf?” Emma asked, “Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure,” Amelia snapped, “What are wolves doing in Galway?” Suddenly they heard a voice, “Emma, Amelia, pay attention!” the girls stopped talking. Their conversation would have to continue after class.

At break time the two girls walked to the shop to get some lunch. Amelia stopped as she saw two boys. One she didn’t recognise. He had blonde hair and green eyes. He was laughing at the other boy, who she did know. He was Dan O’Grady. He had brown hair and brown eyes, but you couldn’t see them now, as his head was stuck in a bush. Amelia smiled. She and Emma had become Friends with Dan last year.
“Are you okay Dan,” she called,
Dan pulled his head out of the bush, “fine,” Mr Dunellen gave me extra homework though. He didn’t seem pleased when I said that skateboarding was a lot better than history and started skateboarding in the halls.
Amelia smiled; Dan was the biggest troublemaker in the school. “I can’t imagine why, who’s your new friend,”
“Oh right,” Amelia, Jace Wayland. Jace, Amelia Brown. And this is Emma.”
“Hi,” Jace smiled.
“Hi,” Emma looked at Amelia, “Come on, we’ll be late if we don’t go now,”
Dan picked a twig from his hair, “We better go too. See ya.”
But Amelia hadn’t moved. On Jace’s right hand there was a ring, and it was very like the one she and Emma had. “Show me your hand,” she uttered in disbelief. “your right one.”
Jace held out his hand. The ring was very simple. It was gold but it had no jewels or gems. There was just a design repeated over and over again on the outside. “Where did you get that,” she asked.
Jace shrugged. “Family heirloom, why?”
Amelia looked at Emma. The two girls held out their hands.
When Dan saw the three rings he looked astonished. “I have one of those,” He exclaimed. The four of them exchanged looks.
“This is weird,” Jace announced.
Amelia glanced at her watch, “The bell is going to rig in a minute,”
“Run,” suggested Emma.
The four of them ran back into the school just as the bell rang.
“Second class I’m going to be late for,” Amelia sighed. For the rest of the day she couldn’t concentrate. She kept thinking about the four rings

Chapter 3

After school the four of them went to Dan’s house and looked at the ring. They asked his mother about it and she said it was a family heirloom. It just didn’t make sense. Why would four different families end up with the same ring as an heirloom? Amelia kept thinking about this on the way home. She asked her parents but they just said they didn’t know. That evening, when she was watching the news, she got another problem to worry about, and it was a lot worse than the ring one. There was a message painted on the wall of a hotel in the city. It looked like it was painted in blood. It said:

We have come.
You always knew this would happen.
We declare war with you humans.
You have kept this a secret for so long.
But you can’t keep it anymore.
We will keep fighting until we rule the world.
Or until we lose.

And at the bottom there was a design. The same design that was on the four rings

Chapter 4

Amelia called her parents. Their expression turning to horror as they listened to the newsreader.
“Amelia, we have to tell you something,” her mother began.
“It’s about all this,” her father continued. “The world used to be at constant war. Only a couple of humans knew about it. All the armies, of course, but only a few selected families after that.
“The war wasn’t against other humans, it was against warlocks, demons and wolves. We weren’t losing but we weren’t winning either. Finally, the warlocks gave us a choice. We could continue fighting or we could take a break. But at the end of the break the whole world would know. Not just the selected few.
“The families discussed this choice. Finally they decided that they would wait. The warlocks warned them that they could announce war at any time. They gave each family a ring.
Each ring could kill one warlock.”
Amelia couldn’t speak. She had a lump in her throat. But the funny thing was, she believed her parents.
“I believe you,” she finally spoke, “just one question, are there four families?”
“Yes, there are,” her father frowned, “and we’re one of them. How did you know?”
“The rings,” Amelia replied, “there are four of us in school with the same ring. And they have the design at the bottom of the message on them,”

Suddenly they heard a voice on the TV, “Prepare yourselves. We are at war.”

Chapter 5

That night chaos struck, when she was walking to school the next day she saw roads bombed, houses burned down and smoke coming from fields. Amelia met Emma, Jace and Dan at the entrance to the school. One look at their faces told her they knew about their family history.
“Did you hear…,” Dan began, but they all just nodded. They knew he was going to ask about the rings.
They walked into the classroom and sat at their desks. Halfway through the lesson, three people burst into the classroom. That is, if you could call them people. They had pointy ears and electric hair. The weirdest thing about them was their skin. The all had orange skin. Amelia looked at her friend, who paled. Emma also knew what they were. And judging by the expressions of the class, they knew what they were too. They could only be one thing. Warlocks.

Chapter 6

“Don’t move,” one warlock shouted. “If you move you’ll dead,” the warlock had no hint of fear in his voice. He thought he would win. He didn’t know that four people in the class had rings that had the power to destroy him.
“We have started our war here.” The warlock continued, “We will start our war with taking over this school. The mayor of all warlocks, wolves and demons is sitting in the principal’s seat.”
The warlock had no weapon. It didn’t need one, Amelia thought, it could just use its magic.
Amelia was only half surprised when Dan put up his hand.
“Excuse me,” he began in a very polite tone, “How long will you be here for?”
“Until your government let us rule this country or until we get defeated. This will never happen. The only way to kill us is to suck the magic out of us. The easiest way to do that is the four rings. You can defeat us, but not kill us, if you kill our mayor.” The warlock stated in a superior tone. Then Jace raised his hand.
“Just one quick question,” Jace had a gleam in his eye, “this ring?”
The warlock’s eyes filled with fear, but then all three warlocks collapsed, dead.

Chapter 7

The class was shocked.
“Jace, Emma, Dan,” Amelia stuttered. “You used your rings,” The three nodded.
Jace figured out how to use them.” Emma supplied,” you say ‘enter warlock magic’ and the warlock’s magic is sucked into the ring,”
Amelia was speechless but Jace still wasn’t finished, “we need to go to the principal’s office.
The four of them rushed out into the hall. They were shocked when they saw no one in the hall. They ran into the principal’s office but nobody was in there.
“Ah, the heroes of the day,” a booming voice behind them shut the door. They spun round and saw a warlock. They could tell this one was the leader. He had a tattoo on his hand of the design on the rings.
“Enter Warlock Magic,” Amelia whispered but the warlock just laughed a booming laugh.
“That won’t work when I have my protection on,” the warlock laughed, pulling up his sleeve and showing them a bracelet with a charm on it, “now it is time to kill you,”
“Hide,” Jace screamed as they dived behind the desk. Suddenly a great bolt of light hit the desk. Amelia heard Dan gulp beside her.
“We need to get the bracelet,” Amelia whispered confidently. The other three nodded. Another bolt of light hit the desk.
“Come out, come out,” the warlock screamed like a maniac, shooting twin beams of light hit the desk.
The four of them grabbed something they could use as a shield and ran out. The warlock aimed at Amelia, who dodged it, and at Emma, who deflected it with a plastic lid. He then aimed at the two boys who dived to the ground. Suddenly, he grabbed Jace.
“I got you now,” he laughed. “Make one more move and he dies.”
Everyone stopped. The warlock tilted his head up and laughed. But then Jace smiled, and he pulled the bracelet off the warlock! Amelia smiled.
“I have a question,” She spoke out boldly, “can I do this,” the warlock looked at her. She shouted, “Enter Warlock Magic,”
The warlocks face fell, he screamed “NO!!” as he fell to the ground dead.

Chapter 8

The four walked back into the class room. Suddenly everyone was asking questions. “Where did you go” asked someone.
“To the principal’s office” they replied.
“What did you do” asked someone else.
“We used the rings to suck the magic out of the warlock, “
“Ahem,“ said a voice from the front of the class, “just because a warlock attacked our class doesn’t mean we just leave, “and so they went back to class having just saved the world from a war they couldn’t win.

Katelyn McMahon, 6th Class, Brierhill NS, Castlegar, Galway

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