Seán Kelly – The Brotherhood of Rogues

The Brotherhood of Rogues

By Seán Kelly

Chapter 1 – Massacre

“NOW!” yelled Tobias as he commanded his brothers to leap, they leaped…
And the guns went off…
And the smoke-screens were thrown…
And the Templars were dead…
All in a matter of seconds…
But what really had happened was a small sequence of events leading to the death of the Templars.
The assassins leaped from the church walls and threw there smoke-screens, blinding the enemy and allowing the citizens to attack and kill the Templars…

The reason? Simple! All the assassins want is freedom from the Templars but the Templars ( And Pro-Templar citizens ) considered the assassins to be vigilantes and murderers where as the Pro-Assassins and the Assassins considered themselves freedom fighters, as the Templars had dominated Florence.

After those events the Templars were dead. Not all of them but the assassins were sure there would be no reinforcements.

The assassins fled and left the citizens to clean-up and finish off. These “Assassins” had no homes, some no families and nowhere to sleep. They COULDN’T SLEEP! If they did, they risk being murdered. But they rested when they could.
For the assassins it was another day another challenge. Non-stop. The ONLY WAY to get rid of the Templars was to kill their king. Rodrigo Borgia.
The Borgia were arch-enemies of the Assassins.
The main assassin here is Tobias. The assassins wanted to get back what they call “The Apple of Eden” which was a very powerful apple giving the possessor the power to conquer the world. The Templars were in possession of MOST of the pieces. But they needed a few more which were either lost, entombed or in possession of the Templars.

The assassins couldn’t just “Kill” Rodrigo Borgia, they had to GET to him. And that! Was not going to be simple. The only way to get to him was to take out all his right and left hand men. EG: The Templar leaders in most of the cities.
This meant going around to the different cities and killing Templar leaders.So they had just killed Cesare Borgia right, and now they were headed for Montergioni, their current location being Florence, they were after Rodrigo Borgia, who was currently in charge of the Templars after the death of their previous leader.

So back with the assassins….

Chapter 2 – The Plan

“Ok so here is the plan, First we are joining forces with the thieves. They will be a MAJOR role in this assassination. They will distract over HALF the guards… Hopefully without killing themselves…” said Tobias to the other leaders. “Alright so what about us? Entry point? Assassination Point? Extraction point? We cant just hop in there and try to kill him…” said another leader. “Right, so I’ve been studying his guards patterns and his “To-Do” list. At EXACTLY 12 Noon his guards change shifts. Which means they will all be in the same room to change shifts. Also at 12 noon, Rodrigo will be meeting with Lorenzo DePazzi in the hall just inside the palace gates.” Tobias pointed out on his map.
“Ok so groups, split ups? I’m guessing the Thieves are going to distract the guards on the shift-swap which SHOULD allow us to gain entry? No big deal.” said the Thieve Lord. “EXACTLY! Now we must climb over the walls which will be a challenge. But a clean air assassination would be nice. Less ruckus, anyways, we get over the walls and then leap.” said Tobias. “Great. Sounds like a plan. Right I’ll get my thieves armed and ready, you guys get some rest and do some more planning… And get armed…”

Chapter 3 – The Assassination

The day came when they were to Assassinate Rodrigo Borgia in Montergioni.
“UP UP UP COME ON” Yelled Tobias ferociously, “COME ON WE NEED TO MOVE ITS 10:30!”
So the Assassins got there knives, swords, and other weapons needed and met with the Thieves.
The Thieves were prepared to distract as many as a thousand guards at the same time.
The clock had struck 11:30 and the Assassins and Thieves gathered on the rooftops around the castle. They watched the guards to make sure they were all following the same watch patterns as they were before. All was going well and the clock struck 12:00, the guards were all in the same room at the same time.
Along came the thieves and they yelled at the guards ferociously “COME CATCH US!”
The guards had completely left the castle.
The assassins began climbing then 1 by 1 reached the top of the castle walls. The plan had changed. It was unknown to them that there would be guards posted In EVERY corner!
So with 1 assassin per guard they leaped. And their knives went through the guards. There were only 2 men left. Rodrigo and Lorenzo. The assassins fled. And Tobias and his 4 other men leapt. They landed directly on front of Rodrigo. They shot Lorenzo and left him to die.

Chapter 4 – The Ending of Ending

Tobias took his hidden blade and walked up to Rodrigo and yelled “What do you have to say for yourself!”
There was no reply.
“Your going to play it that way so.”
“Well first we do it the nice way.”
“Now we do it my way” and with a swift movement of his hand Tobias let his hidden blade through Rodrigo’s heart.
And left him to die on his death bed.
The war had ended after 100 years. It was over now.
The assassins won. And the Templars either converted to Christianity and worshiped Tobias and the assassins, or fled to different countries. Never to be seen. Again.

Seán Kelly, 6th Class, Brierhill NS, Castlegar, Galway

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