Maya Burke – The Diary of Dracumaya

The Diary of Dracumaya

By Maya Burke


I would like to thank my mom Ann, my teacher Mrs. Marlborough and Emily Loughnane my best friend for helping me to put my book together.

Chapter 1 The Past of Dracumaya

Hi, I’m Dracumaya. I am a vampire and I live in Transylvania with my dad Dracula, my mom, Martha and my big sister Elizebat. She is not that much older than me, I was just born a few days after her. I am going to tell you what happened to me and Elizebat before we lived in Transylvania.
Our old mom and dad went on holiday and had forgotten two things -me and Elizebat! Can you believe that? Two men dressed in black and yellow were looking for orphans around where me and Elizebat were living at that time! We were crying and hugging each other when the men found us. They were surprised to find two vampire orphans crying and hugging each other. They picked us up and suddenly I felt unsafe. We really wanted our mom and dad. The two men brought us to a taxi. The man holding me was the taxi driver! I screamed, it was like a nightmare. When the taxi stopped I was still screaming. We arrived at the orphanage and a kind looking lady met us at the door.
Four years later, Elizebat and I started to like the lady and the orphanage, but on our 5th birthday things started to change. The kind looking lady was not acting nice to me and Elizebat but she was nice to the other monsters. We spent a lot of time on our own in our room sobbing. We would sometimes do some extra work from the school connected to the orphanage so we would not get into trouble. Because we were orphans we wore rags all day, even in bed. We did not have night dresses, just pyjamas. I just wish that Elizebat and I had a home.
Then one day Dracula and his wife Martha came to visit the orphanage. They had no children of their own and truly wished that they had two daughters. When we found out that we might be adopted, I fainted with the excitement. We were the only vampires left at the orphanage so they had to adopt us.

“Dracumaya, are you alive?” asked Dad. I got up and said “Yes. I’m ok”. Then we went into a car bigger than I had ever seen before “It’s a car for great monsters”, said Martha, I mean mom. Then we went to a very, very large clothes shop. I got a headband with a bow on it, a black cape, blue jeans and a yellow top. Then we went into a shoe shop called Paul Biter’s shoes. I got a pair of purple high heel knee boots. Then I got bead earrings. There was a large amount of earrings so it was hard to pick the perfect earrings. When we arrived in Transylvania I tried my new clothes on. I looked freaky fabulous!” You look great!” said mom, dad and Elizebat all at the same time. After my quick modelling session I changed into my rag pyjamas and my dad said to take them off. I did and dad brought some new pyjamas up to the bedroom for me and Elizebat. They were black and red.

Dad said that Elizebat and I were allowed to share a room. We jumped up and down with excitement. “Be careful or you will break the floor”, said Dad. Elizebat and I snuggled down into the bunk bed. Elizebat let me go on the top of the bunk bed.

Chapter 2 The present life of Dracumaya

Now that I have told you about my past life let me tell about my life now. Yesterday we went to a new school and I made two new friends. My new BFF’s are called Clawly and Werea. They are both werewolves and they are really nice and friendly. We had lots of fun together. When we were going home my mom promised to take me to the pet store the next day and I screamed with excitement. Mom said that we would not be going to the pet store if I did not stop squealing. I said “OK” to mom.
When we got to the pet store we saw that there were so many bats to choose from. I saw an incredibly cute and small bat. She was smiling at me as if she wanted me to pick her. I asked mom if I could get her and mom said yes. We also got a cage for her, a few bat outfits and food with a food bowl on a hook. It cost lots of money but my mom wanted to treat me with something so special.
When we arrived home at Transylvania, I showed Elizebat and she screamed and ran into our bedroom. “Oh” I thought, “I forgot that Elizebat is actually afraid of bats”
I went into our bedroom and said there is no reason to be afraid of this bat, it is only a baby. Elizebat looked at the bat and she thought it was actually very cute. “What is the name of your pet? Asked Elizebat “ I have not picked one yet, so you can help me choose one.” I would like to call it Batilda.” “That is a nice name”I said. We dressed her in a bat outfit which was a pink bikini top, blue trousers and red shoes. She looked amazing in them and seemed to like them. We put her in her cage and saw that she was learning to fly.

Mom said “This bat is one of the best animals in the world”. So did Dad. “You made a really good choice at the pet store” said Dad. “Thank you” I said. “You are welcome” said Dad. “Hey, do you want to go to Mcfangers for a monster meal? My dad asked in a good voice. “Yes, yes yes!” Elizebat and I shouted happily. “I would like some blood nuggets and chips, please.” said Elizebat. “Me too, please,” I said. I got a surprise when we arrived at Mcfangers. Clawly and Werea were sitting at a table not far from ours! I asked Dad if I could have my meal with Clawly and Werea. He said it would be a good idea as they are my friends. I joined them at the table and brought my meal with me. “Hi, Dracumaya” said Werea. “Great to see you” said Clawly. I told them about my pet bat and about all the things we bought for her to make her happy in her new home. We also talked about a new make up kit available to buy in Toy stores. They said that they had heard about it and that they would love to get it.

Chapter 3 The Coincidence

You will not believe what happened in the restaurant!
I looked over to where Mom, Dad and Elizebat were sitting. I waved to Elizebat. She smiled and waved back. A mysterious looking man walked towards the table that I was at! “H-h-hello,” I said very shyly. “What is your name?” He asked me, sounding very kind. Clawly thought that the strange man was talking to her. “Clawly” she said. “I am not talking to you, I am talking to the vampire at your table” said the man. I gulped. I told him my name. Then, he went over to Elizebat and asked her the same thing!! Can you believe that?? Then he came over to me and said “Dracumaya, don’t you remember me? “Uh, no,” I said. “I’m your father,” he said. “ Your Mom and I had gone in the car when we noticed you were not there. We came back to the house to look for you, but you were not there.” I could not believe my eyes or my ears! “Is Elizebat my sister? I asked. “Yes, of course,” my old dad said. “Tell you what; I’ve got a great idea. How about your old mother and I go home, pack our bags and move in with you and your new Mom and Dad?” He asked me politely. “Yes please” I answered, thinking about all of the things we could do with two sets of Moms and Dads! So, my old Dad told my old Mom everything. He also did everything he talked to me about. Clawly opened her mouth every time my old Dad said something! “So, let’s go to your new home!” Shouted my old dad. “Bye guys!” I shouted to Clawly and Werea. “Am I dreaming??” asked Clawly. “No” answered Werea. So we went to Transylvania. My old Mom and Dad must have thought that it is paradise! Batilda flew out of our house and greeted us. And now our old Mom and Dad live with us in Transylvania.

The End
Or is it??? Yes, until the next book!!!


Maya Burke, 1st Class, Scoil Mhuire – Chapel Road, Monivea, Co.Galway

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