Arann Wilson – The adventures of Emily the mouse

The adventures of Emily the mouse

By Arann Wilson

The finding of Emily

One sunny morning in New York in a tiny apartment in one the poorer parts of the city a young man and woman who were called Peter and Jessie were getting ready for work. They were making breakfast. Jessie tried to take out her favourite designer plate that had a mouse design on it but she could not reach it. She shouted her fiancé Peter several times. Peter reached out his hand to the back of the cupboard, he felt something fluffy and small. Peter slowly pulled it out. The two of them said
“O.M.G. that mouse is cute!”. Then Jessie said
“Let’s call her Emily”. Peter agreed to the name. Peter took out his phone and rang his boss and asked him for the day off because his father was very ill. The boss said
“I suppose so”. When Peter ended the call he whispered
“Yes!” What an excuse Peter said. Peter and Jessie drove to the shop and bought some cheddar cheese.

When they got home they sliced the cheese into strips for Emily.

Three months past and a letter came through the post box, it was from the landlord. Peter and Jessie were scared to open it!

Eventually Peter and Jessie opened the letter together :

Dear Peter and Jessie,

You have not paid the rent for three months, so you must be gone by tomorrow morning.

Yours sincerely: John Grill.

The next morning Peter and Jessie packed up and left for Sin city (Las Vegas). They were out the door so fast they accidentally left Emily behind.

Going to Vegas

A month past and a new family moved into the tiny apartment. When they later saw Emily they all screamed.

The family ran to the shop and bought mouse traps and poison. When Emily saw the poison and mouse traps
she ran under the couch and started to cry. The next day Emily noticed a letter came that through the letterbox with the return address of Peter and Jessie on it. The address was : Desert inn road, Las Vegas.

Emily made a really important decision. She ran straight through the catflap and into the Big Apple and slowly made her way towards Grand Central Station.

On 34th street Emily noticed some city rats. She walked towards the rats and said
‘’What are you doing?’’. One of the rats said ‘’Come on in I’ll show you’’. Emily said
‘’Oh my CHEESE!’’.
The rat said in his strong Bronx accent
‘’This is the city of rats and mice also known as the city of cheese’’. There were mice and rats crawling everywhere . There were stalls that were selling soft cheeses, Italian cheeses, garlicky French Cheese, Stilton and even and something called Newtown Brie.

The cheese loving rat said
“Let me introduce myself, my name is Mickey Mozzarella . If you want, you can stay at my place tonight. ’’
Emily replied
‘’That will be GREAT!!!”

When they got back to the house Mickey said
’’You can stay in the guest room if you want.”
“That will be fine.” replied Emily

Later that evening Mickey cooked a cheese, fish, onion and doughnut pizza. In the morning Emily yawned and said thanks for the room and the meal last night.
“If you want, you can help me find my owner in Las Vegas.”
“Ya” replied Mickey “I have relations in Las Vegas . I heard that there’s a train going to at three o’clock tonight.”
“ Yes that will be great.” said Emily happily.

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, Peter and Jessie were very sad. They were sad because they missed Emily.

Mickey and Emily felt so hungry they went to a restaurant, in the city of mice and rats and ordered mincemeat with French cheese.
They slept in a hostel near the train station. At half past 2 in the morning Mickey and Emily awoke and headed to the station

First they leaped into a big garbage container which was full
to the brim with food just about a day out of date. They
spent too much time eating, it was 3 o’clock already!
When they got to the platform the train was leaving. Emily
burst into tears, she cried on Mickey’s shoulder. Mickey said
in a booming voice,
“How ?” she replied.
“If I run and you get on my back we can do it.”
“ Ok let’s do this Mickey.”

At this point the train was 10 meters away. Mickey sprinted
as fast as possible with Emily on his back. Eventually he was
level with the train, so he tried to jump onto the train while
Emily was on his back, but Emily was quite heavy from eating
all the cheese. Emily had to stand on Mickey’s shoulders and
jump into the air. She grabbed onto the buffers at the back of
the train pulling herself up first and then helping Mickey
to do the same. They both crawled under the chairs and
sneaked into the train kitchen.

The train company was called the New York Express. The
train driver announced on the loudspeaker that they would
be arriving in Las Vegas at 35 minutes past 9 the next
morning . Several hours later Emily and Mickey went to
find a place to sleep on the train. They found a few napkins
to sleep on. Emily woke up at half past 7 and woke Mickey up
at 8 o’clock. They waited at the door of the train.

When they got into Las Vegas they gasped with excitement.
First they just explored the city. Then Emily and Mickey went
to his relations house. When they got to the house Mickeys’
parents who were called Margaret and Jeff had a whole feast
of cheese ready. Emily said in a happy voice “Thank you.”
Later that evening Margret showed them where they would
be sleeping that night. Emily’s bed and Mickey’s bed were
extremely comfortable.

In the morning Emily thanked Margret and Jeff for the night.
Mickey and Emily ate out in a breakfast café in rat town.
Emily remembered the address of Peter and Jessie although
it took her until 8 o’clock in the evening to find the address.
They crawled through the air vents of the house. Emily tried
to bust open the end of the vent but she was not strong
enough. Then Mickey tried but he was not strong enough
either. Then they both pushed and pushed but suddenly a
big face dropped down, it was Peter. He shouted Jessie to
get his screwdriver because he saw Emily with a rat!

He opened the vent so Emily could get out. When they got her out they hugged her but they said you stink of cheese!

Mickey and Emily are now happily married and living in a dolls house in Peter and Jessie’s house with their 23 little offspring. And guess what ? they all now love cheese.


Arann Wilson, 4th Class,Newtown NS, Abbeyknockmoy, Co Galway

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