CREST Awards
The CREST awards are aimed at students of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects, accolades are aimed at students aged over 11 years of age.
Galway Education Centre Youtube
Youtube videos of various projects Galway Education Centre have been involved in throughout the years, which include Science and Technology Festival, Medtronic Scientist of the Year, Write a Book Awards, Robotics/FIRST LEGO League and Europe Week.
Galway Music Residency
The people of Galway City and County have enjoyed the work of The Galway Ensemble in Residence since ConTempo String Quartet took up the post in 2003. Since then these world class musicians have played a key role in the musical life and musical education of the county.
Junior First LEGO League. LEGO inventions for our grandparents
Junior First LEGO League. LEGO inventions for our grandparents We had a great LEGO designing session today.We designed things that we think our grandparents would really love: A voice controlled car.
Medtronic Healthy living
The key aim of the Medtronic Healthy Living Program is to introduce the concept of healthy living to students in Galway primary schools (ages 8 to 12 years). Also supporting key subject areas such as Science, Social Personal & Health Education and Physical Education.
Medtronic Knex
4 schools take part in the Medtronic KNEX Challenge Finals. The challenge is judged on the basis of the engineering, innovation and communication displayed by the teams.
Medtronic Scientist of the Future
Its aim is to increase the uptake among young people of It was aimed at increasing the uptake among young people of science and engineering   subjects in school. science and engineering subjects in school.
Robotics Ireland
FLL introduces younger students to real-world engineering, challenges by building LEGO-based robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface.
Technology subjects support service (T4) – National support for new and revised subjects.
Tuam Education Centre
Website of the Tuam Education Centre
Write a Book
Write A Book event is aimed at encouraging reading, writing and love of books. In the past eight years, young writers from Galway primary schools have completed over 15,000 books with around 80 schools taking part each year.

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